Israel Is Number One In The World In Election Frequency

Israel Democracy Institute

Israel leads the world in the number of elections since 1996, a report by the Israel Democracy Institute shows.

Israel has held elections every 2.40 years since 1996, beating out Greece (2.53), Spain (2.96), Canada (3.04), Japan (3.13), and Portugal (3.19).

It is a new “honor” for Israel, as prior to April 2019, when the current cycle of repeated elections began, Israel was in seventh place.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Its actually a sign that Democracy works. I bet the US would love to go to reelections now that Bidens approval ratings have dropped to about a third of its citizens. In Israel thats an automatic reelection. The Israeli PM has to be above 51% at all times. Its expensive but necessary.

  2. That is a GOOD thing. Some countries don’t both to let the people vote, ever.

    If you count countries with significant local elections (e.g. the United States, where many people vote twice every year, including primary elections and runoffs) or where there are frequent referendums (e.g. Switzerland), Israel is probably well from first place. Israel local governments are very limited, and they never allow voters to express themselves in referenda.

  3. More frequent elections=greater democracy??? EY should not model itself after Chicago whose motto for years was “Vote Early, Vote Often”. Given the pervasive lies and broken promises and unfulfilled commitments of the politicians across the spectrum, especially over the past week or so, why would ANY of them warrant any degree of trust (or has the term trustworthy politician become the ultimate oxymoron).