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Hikind Launches “Safer Subways” Summer Campaign

nyc subway.jpg“Rider safety must be a priority – before MTA perks, before subway fare increases, before capital projects,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn). Hikind has launched a “Safer Subways” campaign to inspect subway stations for perilous hazards.
“In the last five months, three constituents have called me and come forward with near-death experiences because of hazardous conditions neglected and ignored by the MTA; one dangerous incident would be one too many,” said Hikind. “Fourteen-year-old Avi Katz was nearly killed on the Q line at the Kings Highway station on January 29th, when the wooden rubbing board which abuts the platform, splintered, cracked and gave way under him, sending him hurtling into the path of an incoming train. He struggled desperately and then finally pulled himself to safety with only seconds to spare before the train crushed him.
“Another unsuspecting constituent sat in her car terrified as her car roof was smashed by a large piece of the wooden subway rail which broke loose, fell 30 feet, and crashed into her car from the overhead elevated tracks on New Utrecht Avenue. She was centimeters away from tragedy.
“Yossi Hershkop, seventeen years old, had his foot jammed between the platform and the train. The concrete platform was caved in, and his shoe slipped into the space, trapping his foot. He desperately tried to extricate his foot and came within seconds of being dragged across the platform by the train.
“The transit system is not aging well, and the MTA is not addressing emergency repairs. That is why I am urging New Yorkers to contact our office so we can compile a comprehensive survey and analysis of hazards which must be repaired expeditiously so that people are not injured or worse. We had three people who were very lucky. Subway riders are our best inspectors; they can tell us where it’s worst.
“I have a team of staff members scouring stations throughout the boroughs for these serious hazards. You can help by calling our office and alerting me to hazards you may see on a daily basis. If you see something unsafe, say something. Call my office at 718-853-9616. We will send out a staff member to verify the hazard and include it in our report. The MTA needs to be held accountable for safety deficiencies.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. I guess the Assemblyman was in town (or even in the USA!!) to hear these complaints??!?!

    How come the CITY doesnt know about this????

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