Boro Park Home Burglarized as Owner Vacationed in Catskills, Shomrim Issues Alert To Community


A Boro Park resident returned home from the Catskills late Sunday night only to find that his home had been burglarized while he was gone.

Boro Park Shomrim volunteers responded to the home and discovered that the burglar had pried his way in through an improperly locked basement entrance. After making his way into the home, the still-unidentified suspect managed to smash open a safe and make off with a large amount of jewelry and other valuables that were inside it.

Boro Park Shomrim urges all residents to make sure that all windows and doors are properly locked when leaving the home. Additionally, residents should be sure to leave some lights on in and around the home and have a friend or neighbor pick up the mail. In short, do everything possible to make it appear to outsiders that someone is in the home.

If you see anything suspicious, please call the Boro Park Shomrim 24 hour emergency hotline at 718-871-6666

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)