MAILBAG: You’re All a Bunch of Trumpian Hypocrites

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Following the news of the FBI raiding the private residence and office of former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago on Monday, conservative media and supporters of Donald Trump went wild, calling the search “unprecedented,” “the worst attack on American democracy in history,” and “the targeting of political opponents,” among many other claims.

I sit here and watch all this unfold, and I’m stunned by all the hypocrisy.

For years, Donald Trump led chants at his rallies calling for the imprisonment of his political opponent, Hillary Clinton. Remember the “Lock Her Up!” chants that were synonymous with nearly every Trump rally, even after he became president? Remember how conservative commentators all across the airwaves backed him up on his demands that Hillary be investigated and put into prison? But when Trump himself is under investigation for possibly illegally bringing confidential materials to his private residence, now you’re worried about the politicization of the FBI? Now you’re worried about investigations into prominent politicians?

Let’s compare what Hillary did to what Trump is alleged to have done. Hillary Clinton conducted official government business from her private email account. Then, when people were looking into it, she “acid-washed” all records of the communications, though Wikileaks did publish some of those emails.

What about Trump? Well, if reports are correct, he took classified documents with him to his own house. Not boring newspaper clippings, but classified documents and material. If you wanted Hillary locked up for what she did, why wouldn’t you call for Trump’s imprisonment for doing the same thing and possibly even worse?

Wouldn’t you at least want to know what he did? Wouldn’t it concern you if Trump took highly sensitive intelligence documents to Mar-a-Lago, where they could be stolen? Wouldn’t you want to know if Trump was showing classified materials to secret foreign agents posing as guests at Mar-a-Lago? There are so many possibilities here. How could you automatically assume that Trump did nothing wrong, but at the same time have no regrets over calling for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton?

This isn’t a defense of Hillary Clinton. I firmly believe that she is a corrupt, ghoulish politician. And the same goes for her husband. But the hypocrisy on the issue of criminal investigations is stunning.

So why is this hypocrisy happening? I know the answer. It’s because facts, reality, and even-handedness have no place in the world of Trump supporters. You are a bunch of die-hard ideologues blindly following your messiah, Donald Trump. Anyone who has a negative word to say about him is Satan and any mention of the possibility that he is imperfect is heresy. You live in a cult, and what the FBI’s raid on Monday made clear is that you’re a bunch of hypocrites.

Avraham S.

Passaic, NJ 

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  1. Bimchila, I disagree. Farkert, Trump was yelling lock her up, but limayseh he didn’t use the Justice Department to investigate Biden or Hilary.

  2. Meanwhile Hunter Biden runs around half naked with a crack pipe in his mouth cutting deals with Ukrainian gangstas and his daddy says nothing.

  3. There are actually no accusations of classified documents. You made that up yourself.
    They think he took documents that should have been in the archive, that’s all.

  4. The Trumpanzees overlook Trump’s numerous flaws and faults which are numerous. They have been trained to call anything that reflects badly upon him as “fake news”. He was correct in 2016 when he said that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and no one would care. I’m certain they will find nothing wrong with him pilfering classified documents and flushing documents down the toilet. To the Trumpanzee MAGA crowd the man can do no wrong.

  5. Are you seriously comparing the way trump is treated and the way Hillary is treated by media and DOJ ?? No one is an angel and no one is innocent but if you don’t see the bias and the issues here than you are missing screws and no point in arguing

  6. I always wondered about that name “yaakov doe”.

    As in “doe, a deer, a female deer”?

    But I digress.

    Always good to have a liberal Jew in the mix.

    Unfortunately I can’t be assured if you are botul b-shishim or not. Can’t ascertain if you are Min B’minoi or Min B’sheanoi Minoi…

  7. ”If you wanted Hillary locked up for what she did, why wouldn’t you call for Trump’s imprisonment for doing the same thing and possibly even worse?”

    Very simple. The President has the power to declassify whatever he wants. Hillary was never President.

  8. They are doing searches under a law that they, his adversaries hope would disqualify Mr Trump from being elected to public office.
    This looks like a repeat of the false ‘collusions’ accusation against him.
    A person can take documents home to review, it is not against the law.
    Even the Queen of England has a box of documents in the palace, possibly weekly, to peruse and sign.

  9. Yes. My head is still ringing with the news that Hilary’s home was raided by the FBI.
    Oh wait… that didn’t happen.
    Well, at least we know that the FBI only conducts raids of this type if they have viable information of an actual crime.
    Oh wait… we know that’s not true either.
    Come to think of it, has Trump actually been accused of a crime? The January 6 hearings didn’t provide any evidence of criminal activity.
    He allegedly took classified documents? As president he had the power to declassify anything he wanted. Is it your contention that he took documents without doing this, knowing it would be illegal? And that he hid them in his mansion where the only way to get rid of them was to flush them?
    From what we know about the FBI raid thus far, it sounds like they were acting on behalf of the Federal Archives, who claim Trump had some boxes of stuff that he was supposed to send them. Highly criminal.

  10. I can’t stand Trump but I think this letter writer misses the point. Chanting “lock her up” (which I never did) isn’t remotely an abuse of government power. It’s political rhetoric

    But after the past five and a half years of endless, endless government investigations and bottomless government resources being poured into futile efforts to find some crime to pin on Trump followed by an unprecedented invasive raid on his personal residence when his lawyers were not allowed to be present is something that even a Trump hater like me sees as an outrage and abuse of government power.

    This move threatens democracy. A big part of Trumps his appeal has been that it’s him against a corrupt government establishment. Trump is 100% correct for saying that he is against a corrupt government establishment.

    And don’t give me this garbage about it’s all because he tried to overturn an election. The endless government investigations and bottomless government resources being poured into futile efforts to find some crime to pin on Trump were taking place way before November 2020 too.

    To be clear, I despise Trump. But I also despise government corruption.

  11. I still can’t believe the blatant כפו טוב that some over here have.

    It’s a Pachad!!!!

    As much as he had childish behavior, he was by far the best president for this country especially for times where the wicked liberals control almost every important platform. Not to mention he was the best president for the yidden in every aspect…. From Israel to a private citizen Rubashkin

    And the share shameless comments and articles on this site is truly painful for any yid that has any bit of sensitivity to Yiddishkeit and to Kiddush Hashem (vs. chillul Hashem)

    Truly disgusting 🤮

    Better to keep you mouths shut!!!

  12. You are whitewashing what Shrillary did. She conducted CLASSIFIED business from her HOME SERVER. And THEN destroyed the beidemce after she was subpoenaed.

    DJT leading chants of lock her up was just red meat for his followers, he NEVER pursued her as Prez.

  13. We as upstanding people should not be blided by Trump or for that matter any other politician. To see no wrong in whatever trump does or does not do is plain dangerous. This is how totalitarians governments and demagogues like Hitler and the liked came about!! (no of course he’s not Hitler but such blind believe in someone brings power to dangerous people)

  14. “There are actually no accusations of classified documents. You made that up yourself…”

    2qwerty: Actually you are 100 percent incorrect. Back in February, the Director of the National Archives demanded Trump return all the materials he removed from the White House that were subject to the Presidential Records Act. In April, they returned 14 file boxes which DID INCLUDE classified documents. The Archives subsequently determined that there were additional materials removed by Trump to his Florida home when he left office which Trump’s lawyers had failed to disclose, again including classified information. The archives referred the case to the Justice Department whose lawyers have been requesting the missing boxes for several months and actually traveled to Florida in June to pursue their request. They’ve been stonewalled by Trump and yesterday’s search warrant was the result.

  15. Without going into whether Trump is good or bad, this is a sure fact: YWN will lose many readers if they continue posting articles portraying Donald Trump as an evil man. Like it or not, most of YWN’s readers are loyal Trump supporters!
    Drudge turned on Trump and lost more than half of his readers..

  16. Dear Anonymous,

    I completely understand your concern about Trump’s call to LOCK HER UP and his energy directed toward Hillary Clinton.

    This shouldn’t be a concern for you.

    I’m sure that he won’t make the same mistake again – after he’s elected to the presidency in 2024 – and this time he’ll make sure that the criminals in the Democrat party are treated with the justice that they deserve.

  17. The chutzpah for this guy in Possaic NJ
    to speak up against Trump. After he did so much for our people freeing Mordechai Rubashkin and other frum yidden. The DemocRATs refunded the murderers of our people in Israel by giving them money in pay for slay. Money goes to families of terrorists who killed innocent babies,children and their parents. Trump cut those funds and the murder of Jews in Israel by Arab terrorists was the lowest of all times. Many of the DemocRATs are nazis in sheep clothing. They are working to destroy the middle class by having 87 thousand new IRS agents who will target people earning less than 200 thousand a year. Yeshivas will be in serious trouble as many Jews who are middle class face prison if they make any error on their income taxes. Many will choose to close their stores and join the welfare,food stamp and gvmnt support lines. By destroying the middle class they will be able to control the poor population dependent on the government handouts. The DemocRATs if they win in November will make Orthodox Jews teach trans and immoral subjects in yeshivas or arrest parents sending them there if they are not thought this evil. The same DOJ classified parents who are opposed to same gender studies for their children classified the parents as terrorists. Some of you may laugh but America is shifting down. If there is a civil war between the right and left or between black and white,the Jew will be in the middle. Dark clouds are ahead unless Trump gets re-elected in 2024. It pays to buy a home in another country if a National pogrom happens. It’s happened in crown heights and we saw how DemocRATic governors did not allow Trump to send in the national guards just two years ago as jewish stores were ransacked in california and other states.

  18. YWN hates Trump and purposely posts fake letters to trigger dumb readers that take it seriously. We see YWN puts headlines that clearly show contempt for Trump. YWN is just like the elites Trump is fighting against. YWN has contempt for its readers and think we are all dumb sheep following Trump. YWN should understand that it is readers is what YWN makes its money off of and should be more respectful to its viewers and recognize that most of the readers on here like Trump and admire him. Perhaps YWN should show its readers a little more respect by respecting Trump more. Its called hakoras hatov to your readers

  19. The disparity here could not be clearer – individuals condemning this raid respond intelligently, rationally, factually. The supposed denouncers of “hypocrisy” not so much.

  20. Well it’s unprecedented because in US of A one political party does not use the nation’s armed security powers to bring down its opposing party. This clearly backfired on the Democrats because this strengthens the resolve that Trump is the saving grace in the corrupted establishment. p.s. I think Trump is part of the Washington theater that is politics and no different than Joe Biden being propped up as ‘president’.

  21. Yeh yeh. Sandy Berger stuffed hundreds of classified documents in his pants and underwear for the big boss, Bill Clinton, and Janet Waco Reno/media/democrats/FBI didn’t say boo. Yawn.
    Red tsunami coming.

  22. Before you talk about hypocrisy, seriously go right now and see a doctor about your complete loss of memory. Two years of investigating Russian collusion only found evidence that the DNC was colluding with Russians

  23. Let’s be honest if you hate trump you’ll write no matter what, and if your pro trump you will totally disagree.

    Trump took those Documents while he was POTUS he can declassify what ever he wants so that Argument doesn’t stand. And if we’re honest we both know it’s about so stupid documents it’s about getting political power over your apartment and that’s watergate 2.0

    Hilary tried to hide evidence you have no proof trump did anything like that so again your argument falls apart again.

    Trump calling to prison them is a far cry from anything that was actual done when the whole world knows she and Biden are so corrupt there like actual evidence for the world to see.

  24. @ Avraham S. – As someone who used to work for a company that worked with Classified Documents for the United States Military, let me explains some facts to you:
    1) There are different levels of secured information that the government works with. Each level has it’s own restrictions. The Levels are Classified, Secret, and Top Secret. Classified (the lowest level) means that the information contained within is “Need to know”. That means that anyone with Classified clearance is allowed to view it on a “Need to Know” Basis. That material requires to be locked in a safe when not in use. It can be transferred if transferred in a secured manner and, of course, authorized. Also, it is illegal to carry/enter Classified info to a foreign nation.
    2) What Hilary Clinton did by using her unsecured personal email to pass along classified information to others is HIGHLY ILLEGAL and would have QUICKLY thrown ANYBODY else in jail for a LONG LONG TIME! For the life of me, I can’t understand how she got aware with it. Furthermore, destruction of evidence is a second reason that she should have been thrown in jail for an extreme period of time. I know someone that was transferring “Declassified” info to a foreign country. Unfortunately, when he got there he discovered that the Declassifying Department of the US government screwed up and left some classified info in the document. This, technically, was in violation of the law even though it was not his fault. He immediately called his boss. His boss started shaking and the whole office started worrying about their peer being thrown in jail, albeit for something that was not his fault. His boss immediately cancelled all meeting and flew out that day to DC to plead his employee’s case. Fortunately, they were understanding and let him off. You can see from this story how serious even a minor infraction is in regards to Classified information. Hilary Clinton in deed should be rotting in jail for a horrible crime she KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY committed!!!
    3) As President, Trump had THE Highest Level of security clearance. Higher than Top Secret. As long as it was transferred securely and placed in a safe at a secured facility, he had the authority to do so. As long as he still had security clearance, he would not be over any transgression for storing “Classified” at his secure property. REMEMBER, we are talking about “Classified” info, not “Secret” or “Top Secret”. My guess is that IF he has any “Classified” info on his premises it probably contains damaging information on his domestic enemies that they don’t want him to have being that he can declassify them and share it with the general public.
    4) The FBI has clearly shown an unjustifiable bias against Trump and has violated the law on several occasions. They have shown themselves to be untrustworthy and corrupt. I would not blink an eye if told they were planting “evidence” on his property. They have become that “BAD COP” that plants evidence in the pockets of someone they pulled over in order to arrest him. If it was up to me I’d shut down the whole department as they have now become the American version of the KGB. NO JOKE!!!
    5) It is CLEAR that this “stunt” is being pulled off in order to try to disqualify his from being able to run for the 2024 elections. They (and the politicians that sent them) are scared of him because they know that once in office he will go after them to expose their corrupt actions (such as the crooked Biden family and the crooked Pelosi family) and “Drain the Swamp”.

    I think you are possible watching too much CNN, MSNBC, and many other corrupt media outlets. True, the conservative media ARE magnifying the issue. However, they are probably doing so in order to bring the attention that should be in such situations. If they just said, “The FBI has raided Trump’s property looking for Classified documents that they suspect he may be storing. We believe this is Politically motivated”, it probably wouldn’t get the attention that it needs in order to get the corrupt Liberal Politicians to back down.

  25. No doubt that YWN posts this type of article just to generate attention.

    No doubt that there are jews as ignorant as the person who could write this trash talk.

  26. It’s hard to imagine how YWN could justify printing an article with an offensive title that attacks other readers. What yeshiva world does this represent!?

  27. @Avraham S.

    It’s not hypocrisy.

    By Hillary the FBI and DOJ weren’t doing their jobs and holding her accountable for what she did. That’s why there were chants to lock her up.

    By Former President Donald Trump- the FBI and DOJ have become weaponized and are doing whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t become president again. If they find the slightest thing that he did wrong they’re going to do whatever they can to hold him accountable- that’s why there are no chants from the other side to lock him up.

  28. If the fourth amendment (“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated …”) doesn’t apply to the rich and powerful, what rights exist for the rest of us. If a politician can use the legal system to punish their political enemies, what chance do the rest of us have? Are we all rightless “deplorables” at the mercy of the ruling elites?

    In many ways, the same issue arose during America’s (at least if you live on the eastern seaboard) early history. Those in control of the government (small “r” Republicans), with army support, executed King Charles after a “kangaroo court” (albeit that term would be an anachronism in the 17th century). Public opinion (which mattered even though democracy with a small “d” was still in the future) realized that if the king has no right to due process (something that England, and its colonies, had begun to value starting in the middle ages), than no one has.

    As head of the executive branch, Trump had a arguable right to declassify and take home any papers (other presidents tend to donate them to libraries or archives). If there is a dispute over the extent of those powers, it is a civil dispute. Finding a Democratic (large “d”) judge to sign a search warrant, rather than seeking a subpoena in a civil proceeding (with Trump having the right to a lawyer and to participate in the proceeding) is a grievous breach of due process typical of a third world country. It is not the American way (though Obama did say that he opposed American “exceptionalism”, and a big part of what makes America “special” is due process and rule of law, which is lacking in most countries).

    Whether you embrace “Trump derangement syndrome” or consider Trump to be as closes to a messiah as you are likely ever to encounter, consider how you will feel if someone who dislikes you can arrange to have the cops break into your house and seize your stuff without giving you legal recourse (other than suing to get your stuff back). That was an issue in the 18th century, and apparently it still is an issue.

  29. Reading these comments I have to say something : First, you people need to go to school and learn how to spell.. Second : You are all brainwashed by Trump who you think is a God’s gift to you. Third: Clearly none of you are educated or you’d know how the laws of this country work. Let me enlighten you :

    The FBI has NOTHING to do with the President. The President Does NOT give orders to them nor are they affiliated with any party. Their job is to protect the security and safety of this country independently by any means necessary.

    I don’t know what about this raid is being called illegal.. Someone please explain how it’s possible when a Federal Judge signed off on this so this is by the book. No one does a raid for political reasons as I stated above so just stop saying that. It’s wrong and historically inaccurate.

    Next.. Ever heard of the Presidential Records Act?Well, basically it states that all documents from a Presidency MUST be preserved and handed over to the National Archives.. Donald Trump didn’t do that and instead took them with him which is illegal. The other illegal thing was tearing up sensitive documents and flushing them in toilet .. But while the NA did get the boxes, Trump still had various classified documents in his safe. He was given a Suponea to return them. He refused and so a raid however, that being said, a raid just doesn’t happen unless the Government believes there’s more.

    The second crime : Violating the Espionage Act which is sharing very classified info with foreign countries which he is suspected of doing. Both are Federal crimes…

    Now, I’m not saying he’s guilty… Yet… But he is under investigation in several states for different things including the “Big” Lie”

    And for all you ignorant people complaining about Hillary, she was investigated over a year ago by yes the FBI so read before bringing her up.

    So yes, educate yourself before saying things that make you all ignorant because the WH had NOTHING to do with this and didn’t know about it… Trump was given every chance to return the documents (pro Trump networks fail to mention this part among other things) and the most important : He’s upset because it was unannounced. Well Duh raids happen at will and never announced because it defeats the purpose… Raids can happen at all hours once a warrent is issued… I can’t stress this enough : They are LEGAL and they can be for any reason and they(FBI) aren’t obligated to reveal any info…

    Blame the Democrats all you like but they aren’t involved nor have nothing to do with it and like everyone else, they don’t know the reason for the raid (but we will know soon enough)…. You can think it’s politically motivated if you wish but again, you would be wrong as I said above. Same goes for President Biden, he’s got nothing to do with this either

    Before all of you praise your “King” you should educate yourself on him and the laws of this country… He thinks he’s above the law but he’s not. He broke many laws, maybe the 2 above as well but if anything, if you want to revere someone who tried to overthrow our government with a coup (and almost succeeded), then by all means but those who forget history are doomed to repeat it and that’s exactly what’s happening.

    Trumps words on his statements are usually inaccurate, made up and filled with lies.. He knows he’s guilty but will throw others under the bus when they betray him (no longer loyal). Its how he’s gotten away with things over the years but the past is finally catching up to him… Remember Watergate? Nixon was forced to resign.

  30. You total buffoon. That’s exactly the point. When Hillary and Hunter are investigated and charged using at least the same amount of resources and manpower as Trump was we will calm down.

  31. @Ezzy

    Don’t you see that they tried going after Trump for 5 years now ( and he knows they will do anything to bring him down) and haven’t been successful in finding any wrongdoings? So THIS time they found something??

    You may by very educated and know how to spell write and know all the laws but you certainly seem to be lacking basic common sense. Don’t you see what’s happening to this country ? Don’t you see what’s going in the world around us? Are you still living in the olam hadimyon?? I recommend in addition to all your qualifications you start doing some research….

  32. Those of you who bash Trump: I’m not convinced you weren’t subconsciously influenced by the Liberal Propaganda Machine.
    We know it is very hard to resist it. Actually very hard. But most of us are not fazed by the media corporations. We have come to know the Liberals over the years, by scrutinizing their behavior and MO. We have come to see their true colors. And we now see the truth for what it is: Trump was a great president for America, and good for the Jews. The rest is background noise.

  33. Some people here including the author need a lecture on Hakaras HaTov & the inverse Kofuy Tov.

    1. While Trump may have been the most “unconventionally questionable” (I won’t even object to the word toxic) as far character, he was the best POLICY prez I remember since Regan, especially for frum & E”Y. Not to mention 4 years of peace & prosperity.

    2. Hillary DID use the feds to spy on Trump while campaigning. Trump DIDN’T use the feds to “lock her up” after she criminally destroyed her personal email server office records.

    People in America should be worried of lopsidedness of the FBI & DoJ.

  34. While I basically agree with Avroham, I would not assume the search was to merely to restore documents to archives or preserve classified information. There are probably less dramatic and shocking ways of doing that and legal experts agree Trump’s abuse of classified documents would likely not be prosecuted. It seems much more likely the raid was for another legitimate purpose: substantial evidence that the documents showed direct evidence of a more egregious crime being hidden by Trump. We would typically not know yet if it is tied to an investigation of a crime.
    Let me ask the Trump-supporters on this thread: If hypothetically a president was being investigated for murder (just using an extreme example for illustration) and FBI had info that Trump was storing proof of this, would any of you object to the search warrant?

  35. The only reason the FBI which should be defunded raided Trumps house was to make him look bad in the eyes of voters. It had the opposite effect. I began a fundraising among all my family members to help Trump 2024

  36. The Trump loyalists here who criticize the author are doing a great job of demonstrating just how all consuming the spiritual ROT that calls itself Donald Trump and MAGA is to all that embrace it.

  37. Wow can’t remember a past article that got this many comments and long ones too, so I’ll ad one more
    There is plenty wrong with Trump, BUT the establishment and media have used every opportunity to trip him embarrass him, preying on his short comings , I didn’t like the media chasing Hillary about the server.. and voted for in 2016 but voted for Trump the next time around
    The media is plain EVIL

  38. I’m tired of reading misinformed comments let’s speak the facts presidents are allowed to take whatever documents they want. The President is the sole judge of what is classified or not. Two bureaucrats are supposed to obey the commander in chief. He was elected by the people There is a mountain of misinformation out there. I recommend people read the constitution and it’s amendments also it be well to learn about civics and the separation of powers. For the person who wrote the article about hypocrisy been a Jew means we value life. How could you support the democratic agenda of abortion. They are my Hashem’s children too. How can you support their other agendas including the grooming and mutilation of children with the purpose of sterilization. And lastly. Hillary Clinton has never been elected to any office she was the First Lady she was the Secretary of State and a very crooked one at that. Illegalities included washing and wiping and hammer destroying her hard drives and phones. Using illegal email, destroying government records enriching herself with corrupted donations to her foundation all revealed because Hashem wanted us to see who she was. So please. Learn more about actual laws and separation of powers. Am not pro or against Trump. I respect the man. He paid homage to Hashem in every one of his speeches. His son in law brought about the Abraham accords. Moved the US embassy to Jerusalem and behaved like a mentch toward my people. I’m grateful. He is a human being that deserves respect. Hashem granted him his station. We owe the man for his kindness. This very corrupt government has exemplified corruption at the highest level. Using a senile very corrupt man as a front man while selling the nation to its enemies. May Hashem have kindness for us and bring Moshiac in our days in a kind and gentle manner even though we don’t deserve it

  39. Trump said “Lock her up!” because of MANY ALREADY PROVEN, INTENTIONAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY! Not – “Let’s raid her home without letting her lawyers to observe and plant something against her…

    You sometimes wonder how can a frum Jew who learns Torah be so stupid…

  40. A regular Frumme Yid with any smidget of his moral compass still intact would definitely stand behind Donald Trump for the presidency of america.

    all others have a serious issue with their יידישע השקפה and should get themselves checked

  41. Ezzy

    You may be more educated than everyone else here, you may even know how to write and spell better than everyone else on this site, but however much you have in “education” you lack in wisdom and midos tovos.

    it is abundantly clear, your opinion should NOT be taken seriously at all.

  42. Mr. Trump did well in effectively protecting himself from lies during his debates while running for the office of the President, and in attacking his debate opponents when they displayed their hypocracy in their past actions and political dealings.The soft approach would not have educated the public about the true state of affairs and of the urgency and correctness in voting him in, as they did. He used language that was appropriate in the situation at the time.

  43. The writer is 100% correct and all these comments miss the point! Its no difference if The FBI was used or not the point is everyone was saying lock her up in other words they held that her mishandling of documents is a bad thing. Here where the FBI is searching for illegibly held documents everyone is outraged!

    No one knows what they were looking for and what they took out. They removed around 12 boxes of documents. But one thing is for sure, in order to get a search warrant approved by a judge they had to show the judge reasonable evidence that 1) a crime has been committed and 2) there is reason to believe that evidence of said crime exists in the place they are searching. That is standard by every search warrant. By this search warrant where they are searching the residence of a former president and they know it will be held under intense scrutiny the bar was no doubt set much much higher.

    For sure the judge would not have signed off on the search warrant unless he was certain it was absolutely necessary. We know that the DOJ was in discussions with the Trump team for months and reports are they were very suspicious that Trump or his people were withholding documents and were not truthful. If the FBI made this move they had good reason we just have to wait till it all comes out to know what its all about.

    No president can just use the FBI to do there will, there is a legal system. The FBI can not enter someone’s house without a proper search warrant, they cannot just get a search warrant, a judge has to look at the evidence and agree that a search warrant is necessary. When Trump was president he learned that the DOJ doesn’t just do what he wants they resist being used for political reasons. An independents counsel is still conducting investigations into the origins and causes of the Trump Russia investigations, this is going on for several years already and no evidence was ever found far that the investigation into Trump was launched improperly. The truth is the DOJ is not a political weapon and they work hard to make sure it does not have that appearance.
    Trump worked hard to undermine the FBI and the DOJ so that if ever he gets in trouble through all his corruption he will be able to defend himself by accusing them of a political witch hunt. Trump has poisoned the GOP and sadly his corrupt and baseless claims have caught on for some reason with the heimishe oilam.

  44. Thanks to the Washington RATS for weaponizing the US institutions



  45. >>>But one thing is for sure, in order to get a search warrant approved by a judge they had to show the judge reasonable evidence that 1) a crime has been committed and 2) there is reason to believe that evidence of said crime exists in the place they are searching.

    Do you know that in the Soviet Union they used to used the exact same circular logic to justify whatever the NKVD and KGB were doing? They would also say “the order came with approval from Moscow. Is is possible that they approved it in Moscow without (evidence of) a serious crime being done?”

  46. On a general level it is amazing how Trump opponents (I consider myself to be one of them) are so like his supporters in refusal to consider that their side may be wrong.

    Trump is a first class jerk, That still doesn’t make his opponents the good guys or morally better in their endless efforts to get him. It also doesn’t mean that he is always guilty and never had good policies. If you disagree with this you should identify with his supporters who you think of as being “cultists”. Because you think just like they do. Only in the opposite direction

  47. @smerel
    Are you actually comparing the US legal system to the Soviet Union? If you think the system is corrupt and the FBI is out to get Trump then you too have been poisoned by Trump. I have been around a while and I can tell you for sure Before Trump entered politics no one would have thought something like that, The US legal system has always been the envy of the world. The DOJ is run by career lawyers and experts who operate independently of whoever is president. Judges in general are not corrupt, sure you always can find a bad apple but that is the exception not the rule. It was Trump who spread the idea that the DOJ is corrupt and out to get him. Why? because he was furious that they surveilled him. However the FBI had very good reasoning their judgement to surveil Trump according to their knowledge at the time. It was not only the Steele dossier. But Trump as usual pounced on any weak point he could find (the discredited Steele dossier, the texts between two officers) and used that to (falsely) spread the idea that the FBI is a corrupt deep state organization part of the “swamp” even though he had no basis for these accusations, he slowly but surely hammered away at this point till slowly but surely people began to believe him. He doesn’t care that he is eroding peoples trust in the justice system, he doesn’t care that his words might cause violence, because if people stop trusting the DOJ it can lead to terrible violence much worse than Jan 6. All he cares about is himself.
    Trump has turned the GOP and his base into a personality cult. How are they like a cult? They have beliefs not based on any factual evidence. You cant have an honest debate with a Trumpist no amount of reasoning or evidence will convince them. Its very similar to all the wacky cocpiracy theorists out there such as the Flat Earhers you just cant reason with them they live in a world of their own and the same is with the Trump Cult.
    Trumps opponents are generally persuaded by factual evidence. If you would prove something they would accept it. That is the main difference. its EMES versus SHEKER.

  48. I never compared US legal system to the Soviet Union. I said that the circular logic of if they did it must be right and preaching that we have total unquestioning faith in the justice system is exactly what they said in the Soviet Union. So was your tactic of calling anyone who questions government authority “cultists” and “wacky cocpiracy theorists” Either Siberia or the insane asylum if you questioned their behavior.

    Five years ago I thought the FBI deserved the benefit of the doubt.

    The Steele dossier, the FISA surveillance of Carter Page, the Mueller report, and the near endless web of implications and insinuations caused me to change my mind.

    If you think I’m a cultist so be it. I’m not a Trump supporter but apparently even having the nerve to see Trump or his supporters point of view is enough to make someone a cultist these days. Let me just say you don’t come up with that thought on your own. Calling Trump supporters “cultists” to avid dealing with their arguments is standard fare in the media. You are a just a brainwashed follower. Not a thinker.