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Photos From Scene – Couple Murdered in Marine Park

YW-Marine Pk Homocide-010.jpg4:30PM EST: (Click HERE for photos) Misaskim has informed YWN that a husband and wife have reportedly been murdered R”L in their Brooklyn home.

According to initial reports, the couple was discovered dead inside their home at 1961 East 33rd Street by a cleaning service worker, and both reportedly have gunshot wounds to the head.

WABC reports that detectives initially suspected suicide, but say shell casings recovered at the scene revealed it was a homicide. They have been identified as 50-year-old Mark Schwartz and 48-year-old Christina-Maria Petrowski-Schwartz.

misaskim1.jpgChevra Kadisha services are R”L required for the husband, and Misaskim units are awaiting authorization from the NYPD to begin their Avodas Hakodesh – due to the active crime scene.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)

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  1. I’m gonna venture to say that it was the murderers who did it. But please don’t quote me on that. Barach Dayan Haemes!

  2. I heard that police speculate that the family knew the murderer. They reached this conclusion because the couple had a dog and it did not bark last night at when this murder occured. If it was an intruder the dog would have instinctivly barked. In addition there was no sign of forced entry. Who ever this ficious animal is I hope he is apprehended soon

  3. i’m looking at yet another jewish neshama that married out of the ‘am’..another wake-up call to the reality of are we going to change this trend?

  4. Everyone bashing each other makes me wonder if i’m on YW or some other ”frum” website that puts these type of comments. Before the 3 weeks we should be praising each other not the opposite! Remember sinas chinum destroyed the Bais Hamikdash. Its our job to rebuild it.

  5. #10, I could not agree with you more. Some of the posts, not necessarily the opinions in those posts, but the flip and sarcastic remarks degrade this website.

  6. to #15..and when one posts anti shulchun urech comments, that is not degrading? that doesnt bother you? “al k’vod bosor v’dom mechisem avol al kevodee lo mochisem?”

  7. #13 nfgo. It was not necessary to be sarcastic to Flatbush Bubby. Flatbush is quite large and not everyone is right near Marine Park.

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