MONSTER IN MONTREAL: Jewish Man Stabbed in Face/Neck with Scissors [VIDEO]


The Jewish manager of a kosher meat processing plant in Montreal was stabbed in the face/neck area with a pair of scissors by a Lebanese immigrant.

The attacker, a recent immigrant from Lebanon named Maoulod Machochi, had been loitering on the job at Torticana Foods, prompting the manager to tell him to go home.

“I went outside… suddenly the terrorist comes at me with the scissors, and stabs me near the eye,” the manager told Bchadrei Chareidim. “It was a neis that it didn’t enter my eye. I entered the building and arrived at a factory next to us, where the people called for help and the police.”

The victim was brought to the hospital in stable condition for treatment. Doctors expect a complete recovery from his injuries.

The attacker, who was hired through a staffing agency, has been arrested. It isn’t clear if he will be charged with a hate crime.

The manager said he suspects that Machochi had “planned some kind of attack,” noting that the worker was shocked when he showed up to work and found himself in a Jewish factory.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Excuse me, the only thing that changed recently is that things are recorded and posted for everybody to see. Yiden in golus were always attacked. May H’ guard us from all our enemies.
    אלא שבכל דור ודור וכו’ והקב”ה מצילנו

  2. sad, Canada is finished, America is done and so is the world …Hashem and Israel will rise as we are rising now…..if we weren’t this wouldn’t happen….sad, think people would be human already instead they crawl into their armored soul less selves

  3. that’s it! time to move to eretz yisrael

    us jews are not safe anywhere anymore, even in canada or the u.s.

    these countries are prowling with muslim immigrant anti-semites

    our children are no longer safe in these places

    we should all move to Eretz Yisroel

  4. Yes, we should all move to Eretz Yisroel, because this is where HASHEM wants every Jew to live.
    Not because it is a safer place, because it is NOT, whoever says otherwise is a blatant liar.
    Unfortunately, for the last 50 years or so Israel is the most dangerous place for Jews, more Jews have been maimed and killed in the last 20 years because they are Jews,than in the rest of the world since World War Two.
    A Jew driving in the capital Jerusalem and making one bad turn,into an Arab neighborhood has a very good chance of not coming home in one piece or alive,nowhere else in the world do you have this situation.
    Responsible for this, of course is non other than the Jews themselves who are represented by leftist cowards who refuse to do what’s necessary to remedy this tragic situation.
    Forty years ago there was a Rabbi sitting in the Knesset, who had the only solution for this, but for daring to even mention it he was thrown out of the Knesset.
    If my memory serves me right ,even the so called religious party’s voted for that obscenity.

  5. No, Hashem does NOT want all Jews to up and flee to Israel.

    If you are a leader or integral member of a small or dying diaspora community in which every person counts, it is no virtue to abandon them just because you’ve got shpilkes.

    If you have an elderly or infirm parent who counts on you for emotional support, it is no virtue to abandon them and run off to Israel. “Honor your father and your mother,” not “honor yourself”.

    If you have a career and are working toward a pension, it is no virtue to throw away your many years of dedication and sacrifice in order to live just above the poverty line in Israel.

    Don’t kid yourself. There has been a flourishing diaspora community since the first exile in 586 BCE.

    So long as there are Jews in the diaspora, those Jews deserve a community with the full array of religious and cultural resources so that they may lead traditional Jewish lives where they are.

  6. @sarah Rifka You are 100 % correct. Canada is not the Canada I grew up in and loved. Even tough it is far more dangerous in Israel we are living the dream . It’s is better to live die in the Holy land ( not just to be buried), then die a SENSELESS DEATH in CO”L

  7. Ari Knobler Is a liar….Hashem wants you all home…..your pension is Hashem only a foolish person would criminally involve himself in such insanity…..really, I can’t stop laughing….working for benefits means stay where you are…Ari, stay where you are then….we will miss you

  8. Thank you Allan…..I cry every day that my children remain in Canada and America….I cry for them and for those fools who will adjust their heads without seichel and follow someone else…218 years to 6000 we all should be learning only Torah and helping each one get to that mark financially and emotionally….we need no more wealth…we are covered, think about it..218 years to 6000…..

  9. To Sara Rifka:
    How can you call someone a “liar”??
    That person might get offended.
    Did you forget the whole story between Channah and Peninah?

  10. all of us need to do complete teshuva PRONTO and move to Eretz Yisroel to live there with the other yidden

    the yidden of E”Y have full priority over the yidden of chutz laaretz according to halacha and must be helped out and looked after first

  11. The idea of yidden moving to settle in EY, is nothing new. Most everyone heard of the Iggeres Hagra, but not everybody knows why it was written, and how it is prefaced. It was written by the Vilna Gaon, to his family in Vilna, on his voyage to EY. He writes to his wife “I am traveling, Praise God, to the Holy Land, [the place] which all are yearning to see, the longing of all Yisroel…”. The students of the Gaon have traveled to EY with true mesiras nefesh, and have built a Yishuv in EY. Until today, frum yidden of all walks of life, uproot themselves from chu”l and settle in EY. Many young couples begin in EY after their chasuna, and eventually settle there permanently.