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Famous Celebrities Banned By The Casinos

It’s fair to say that with a lot of time and money on their hands, celebrities are often seen as the perfect clientele for casinos, especially the extravagant gaming venues of Las Vegas. However, things don’t always go to plan, and some famous celebrities have found themselves no longer welcome at certain establishments.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is an actor, screenwriter and director. He has a significant passion for all things film. But Affleck also has another love, and that’s card games such as blackjack. He’s not someone who just plays card games to pass the time. He’s taken gambling seriously for a number of years. And, in 2014, on a trip to the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel, you could say his luck ran out. After a stint at a table exclusively for high rollers, he was asked to leave the venue and subsequently banned after being accused of counting cards. But, with so many versions of blackjack available to play online, it’s not likely to have dampened his passion for the game.

Paris Hilton

Believe it or not, like Affleck, Paris Hilton is someone who loves a flutter and takes card games seriously. But, at one stage, it was suggested she received a permanent ban from venues in Las Vegas after a search found her to be in possession of drugs as she entered the Wynn Casino resort. The young lady later admitted to her guilt and, like Affleck, is more than likely now continuing to play at online casinos. But receiving a reported lifetime ban must have been a bitter blow for the socialite, as she was often keen on entering tournaments at land-based venues.

Dana White

Dana White is one of the most famous men on the planet after his work in making the UFC one of the top sporting organisations around. And while he’s not working on organising events for the UFC, he’s been known to enjoy hitting the casinos. However, after a decent credit line was offered to White originally, it was capped over time, which infuriated White. He’s since been welcomed back into casinos but finds his credit lines being reduced significantly after frequent wins. And, he himself has suggested that he’s now on the ban list of at least four Las Vegas casinos.

Colby Covington

Sticking with the UFC, this time it’s a fighter who has found himself no longer welcome at a casino. And while his boss was banned for winning too much and for his outbursts at reduced credit lines. Covington has since been turned away from venues for fighting. Yes, you read that right. In March 2019, he ended up fighting fellow UFC fighter Kamaru Usman and his security at the buffet table at the Palms. He was immediately asked to leave, as you would expect, and told that he wasn’t welcome to return at any point. Maybe Covington and White should gamble online, as it would certainly keep them out of trouble.

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