New Law Will Require NJ Drivers to Make Organ Donation Decision


dc1.gifBeginning in five years, New Jersey drivers will have to choose whether to become registered organ donors as a condition of obtaining or renewing their license under a measure Acting Governor Richard J. Codey signed into law today.

The law, known as the NJ Hero Act, also makes New Jersey the first state to incorporate mandatory organ donation education into the high school core curriculum, beginning with the 2009-10 school year.

The law will require that in five years, drivers seeking a license would either agree to make their organs available for transplantation after their death, or if they decline, review information about the importance of organ donation.

(Source: Star Ledger)


  1. I hope there is no major objection from the jewish community. This is purely an optional question, no one is being forced to be a donor. Each person can make their own decision about whether they want to be a donor or not.

  2. “…NJ Hero Act…”


    Liberal-atheists assume that once someone dies, that’s it.–What does he need his body for. Let someone else slvage the body parts.

    This law is almost compulsory, since it stigmatizes those who don’t donate as selfish “non-heros.”

    Mark my words, it will soon be changed to fully compulsory. This is the classic “slice-the-salami” technique.

  3. I am very concerned about this law. I don’t like the part about teaching it in schools or mandating that one be forced to read the propaganda the state says you have to read when you say no.

    The govt should not get involved in education of our children. I don’t think this should be forced upon private schools.

    This is a religious issue to many people and if we decline on religious grounds I hope the DMV doesn’t try & force it down our throats.

    I am sure this law will be challenged in Court.

  4. lesschumras —

    You contradict yourself between comments #’s 6 and 7.

    (First you state “It is halachicly permissible to donate” then state “it’s not
    black and white.”)

  5. My liver transplant was done more than four years ago. Learning, dovening and tzedaka were all the reult of it. By allowing someoe to die, do some people think that is greater??!!
    Livers are viable organs for up to 16 hours after someone passed away and do not have to be snatched from a living person.

  6. lesschumras –

    Per your source:
    “It is forbidden to simply donate to an “organ bank,” where there is no specific, immediate recipient.”

    The above law is regarding organ banks. (And additionally, the “specific, immediate recipient” would need to be from klal yisroel. The organ banks don’t allow such specification.)

  7. lesschumras, How can I decry something I am unaware of? Was there a YW story on this “slinging” you refer to? Apparently I am not privy to all the juicy loshan hora you are up to date with.