ARRESTED! Flatbush Shomrim Apprehend Burglars Plaguing Entire Community – Wanted For Nearly SEVENTY Burglaries In NYC


Thanks to the outstanding and tireless work by Flatbush Shomrim, two suspects wanted for burglarizing at least 25 homes in the community were arrested early this morning.

It began at around 4:40AM Monday morning, when Shomrim began receiving multiple calls to their hotline reporting two black male suspects walking up driveways in the vicinity of East 4th Street between Avenues L and M.

Numerous Flatbush Shomrim and NYPD units responded surrounded the area, and before the NYPD arrived, the perpetrators had already hid in a backyard. A short while later, the suspects exited the yard, getting into a vehicle, later found to be stolen, and fled the scene.

The NYPD began pursuing the vehicle, which even drove on sidewalks to try and get away. The suspect vehicle managed to lose the NYPD, but Shomrim was able to safely follow the vehicle, until the suspect vehicle crashed on E. 2nd and Avenue X. The suspects then exited the vehicle and fled on foot, with Shomrim units spreading out to encircle them and sending a drone up to have eyes in the sky on the suspects.

The drone spotted the suspects running to Avenue Z and Ocean Parkway, where they were confronted in an alleyway by two Shomrim units.

The NYPD took the two suspects into custody without further incident.

The NYPD confirmed to YWN that they are wanted for at least 66 burglaries all around the city – with at LEAST twenty five burglaries in Flatbush homes in recent weeks –  with tens of thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, a vehicle, and other valuable items were taken in the heists.

Additionally, on Monday morning following the arrests, the Shomrim hotline has been receiving phone calls from home owners reporting their homes burglarized overnight. The NYPD forensics units are currently at those homes and are confirming that prior to being caught, they did at least 5 burglaries.

Flatbush Shomrim Executive Coordinator Bob Moskovitz told YWN that he is grateful for the partnership and cooperation of the NYPD, who worked hand in hand, and flooded the entire Flatbush with extra NYPD vehicles until these suspects were caught. Shomrim thanked NYPD Assistant Chief Michael Kemper and his entire team at Brooklyn South, Captain Derby St. Fort, Commanding Officer of the 61 Precinct, and most notably, the Commanding Officer of the 70 Precinct, Inspector Bruce Ceparano, who was up countless nights communicating with Shomrim to ensure these suspects would be caught.



(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Great job by Shomrim!

    Thanks so much to them for their hard work.

    P.S. Will the crooks be set loose soon (if not so already) by the reckless catch and release policies of the liberal Democrats?

  2. Would be great if YWN can update us how long did it take for those two to be released without any bail (I assume that what would happen to them since there was no weapon displayed and no one got hurt) and all that work and chase was for nothing, because tonight they can hit homes again I assume, so the community can not feel safer now.

  3. Why am I not surprised to see black lives (don’t) matter at it again and yet again…
    Unfortunately, since covid when blm were given free reign they’re just continuing to crime up NYC and elsewhere… why?? Because it’s time to vote republicans.Republicans.. hochul and adams are not doing their job!!

  4. Wicked filthy hochul ימח שמה וזכרונה shall personally see to it that these savages are freed before tomorrow, so that they can vote for her.

    hochul ימח שמה וזכרונה is nothing short of a wicked savage herself.

  5. Seventy burglaries by 2 men is probably a record number. According to earlier reports they targeted homes with open windows or unlocked doors which they saw as an invitation to burglarize. They apparently weren’t particularly skilled just finding easy targets. Considering the number of charges they may be looking at a few years in prison.

  6. yaakov doe: “few years” where do you think you are living? these minority youth if under 18 cant be charged and automatically let out, thanks to kathy release em hochul lowering the age are crime.

  7. Yes, I agree. It’s really high time that Chris Wray and Merrick Garland start cracking down on middle class white males. How much more crime can we endure?!

  8. and i bet you theyre out back on the street thaks to the current bail laws backed by the current governor
    just another reason to go out and vote her out tomorrow!