MAILBAG: Yidden, Please Wake Up


Reading through the comments on YWN’s recent articles about former President Trump meeting with antisemites Kanye West and Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago has me nearly sick with worry.

Let me first say that I voted for Trump twice and that I appreciate a lot of what he did for American and global Jewry. But the further away from his presidency we get, the more obvious it becomes that many of my brethren have an actual cultist mindset when it comes to Trump.

Last week, Trump met – purposefully, willfully – with Kanye West, a rapper whose antisemitism is impossible to ignore. In the past few weeks alone, West has gone on tirade after tirade and rant after rant against Jews, even saying he would go “death con 3” on them. Joining West’s meeting was Nick Fuentes, an avowed neo-Nazi, white nationalist, and Holocaust denier. This isn’t up for debate. The meeting happened – Trump acknowledged it.

For starters, Trump’s meeting with West should be enough for condemnation. You think if Joe Biden met last week with West that we wouldn’t be howling in protest? Of course we would be – how could we not?

But now that Trump met with him, the meeting is met with a shrug and even defenses of it from so many Jews. Just look at the comments section. Here’s a few for example.

The very first comment was ho-hum about the meeting.

“It’s one of his tactics to stay neutral with as many people as he can in order to not lose any votes especially this time around where he has very little advantage. That said, he probably should have refused the meeting, but again, he’s not Jewish so he doesn’t get offended by anti Jewish statements or actions (yes regardless of his Jewish close family), and again, he is afraid to lose votes,” wrote “rightwriter.”

So, if Biden met with West would this commenter also be okay with it? You know, Biden is just trying to be neutral! Of course not! Change “Trump” to “Biden” and anyone can see how stupid this argument is.

“Friedman didn’t turn on him “Drama YWN”, he simply disagrees with him. He has shown disagreement in the past as well and even in office if you’ve read his book. Being on good terms with someone doesn’t mean you can never disagree with them,” rightwriter continues.

“Again all these Jew haters do not lose a threat to non Jews. So why should they condemn them or fight them for the Jews? Nobody cares about Jews whether they are happy or sad, the Jews are a lone nation dissociated with the world.”

Excuse me, they’re not a threat to Jews? A white nationalist with a national platform who says Jews have to be expelled from the US isn’t a threat? One of the most celebrated rappers of all time spewing antisemitism isn’t a threat to Jews? What are you smoking?

Regardless, how does this justify a meeting with a former president? We rightfully protested when Barack Obama was exposed as being allied with notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan; now that Trump is doing it, it’s all fine and dandy? What is wrong with all of you?

Here’s what commenter “Curiosity” wrote: “Another rabid anti-Trump article doesn’t make Trump an anti-Semite, no matter how badly YWN wants it to be so. But I would warn YWN that their forum is in the public square, and could definitely create anti-Semites out of those who are not so, via their polarizing and alienating articles. Besides, there have been far more chashuv people in our history meeting with far worse individuals than “Ye,” and that was not indicative of their anti-Semitism. YWN editors foolishly forget (or ignore) Chazal’s warning about speaking ill of those in high political power – even in private.”

Let’s go through this bone-headed argument. The “rabid anti-Trump article” which, in reality, did nothing but say what happened, is bad because it’s public and exposing what Trump did will “definitely create anti-Semites.” So, when Obama sat in the pews of an antisemitic pastor and looked to Farrakhan for advice, did “Curiosity” also say not to talk about it? I mean, the logic is the same. If you mention it, you’re creating anti-Semites!

But then comes the tired argument of “others have done even worse.” Firstly, really? Can you name “far more chashuv people” meeting with “far worse individuals” while running for president? I’ll wait. And even if you are correct, how does that make what Trump did okay? Why can’t you at the very least acknowledge that what Trump did is problematic?

“Sarah Rifka” wrote in the comments that “Friedman has been purchased. Shameful. Our role as Jews is to be open. Friedman obviously doesn’t learn Torah.” Is that right? David Friedman was Trump’s ambassador to Israel. He is a religious Jew and is one of the most ardent Trump supporters. Again, what are you smoking?

Perhaps the dumbest comment of all comes from “Schmendrik” who apparently enjoys living up to his screen name.

“These public figures are all actors. Their personas and their supposed activities in their supposed personal lives are all scripted. They run some as controlled opposition. Since a lot of the public apparently hates Jews, they needed to have some public figures come out publicly anti-Jewishly. If anything, they’re probably planning some dragnet for the followers. Expressing your outrage about a scripted news cycle is such a horrible waste of your time. You really ought to feel shame for having wasted your time in this way.”

So, according to Schmendrik, the meeting with Trump is just controlled opposition and he just needs to be with some anti-Semites to balance out being pro-Jewish. Again, I don’t remember anyone saying this when Obama met with anti-Semites. And I know nobody would be saying this if West and Fuentes met with Biden.

The reality of the matter is that too many of us are living in a cult. You have hitched your wagon to Trump and there’s just no going back. You have become blinded by your fanaticisim; you have made Donald Trump the modern-day eigel.

Wake up, yidden. Al tivtichu b’nedivim b’ben adam she’ain lo teshua. 

Shimon G – Lakewood

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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  1. And then he’s gonna say “there’s this creature Little Froggie who posts…”

    Allow me a few points.

    1) I’m up. Wide awake. I woke up from your post instructing me so.
    2) You write “..has me nearly sick with worry… But then at the very end you quote אל תבטחו …
    Know that HaShem is still in the driver’s seat. He’s been doing so for the past 5783 years and will continue to do so, no human interference needed. He machinates, moves, controls persons and parties, political movements and governments according to His will. Yes, it’s a world of Teva, and we’re bidden (No not Biden) to do our השתדלות, but at the end of the day it’s up to Him alone.

  2. Hashem is calling to us to wake up, but it’s not only about Trump’s behavior. There are many places that we are getting hate from which is even more concerning; the Black “Israelites”, Jewish Jew haters, etc. These are our bigger problems.

    I highly, highly doubt Trump will win and even if he does it will only be for four years. He is not an anti-Semite, he is just desperate to win and doing whatever he could to get votes. There are many others who hate us Jews with a passion and they are much scarier than Trump.

  3. The truth is we have no idea what’s coming upon him. It could very well be that although he was great friend of the Yidden till now, he’s now going through a real transition. We should wait and see, and let them fight it out, and the people will decide (and Hashem will place who he really wants).

    I think we should just stay on the side and watch for a while…

  4. @147: I daven that Pence should be matzliach. I would be so proud to vote for him. If he isn’t matzliach, then Haley and De Santis would be awesome. I am so disappointed in DJT! As others said, he is of course not an anti-Semite, and I even think he loves Jews, but this narcissistic willingness to court scum simply to earn a few votes has just GONE. TOO. FAR.
    I will not be voting for him on Election Day, although I believe he was, in his time, one of the greatest presidents – and certainly livers of Yidden and Eretz Yisroel that the country ever had.

    Pence Haley 2024

  5. Yes, @147, Nicki Hailey for President! Even though I supported Trump’s policies, I always disliked his personality and I never could be behind him 100%. The frum community’s love affair with Trump in recent years was frustrating to me and sounded like they were just parroting the right wing talk show hosts. It’s time to think for ourselves and not get on any bandwagons driven by self serving wagon drivers, neither right nor left. The support for Trump was so overdone and I’m happy to see a moderation in the frum coummunity in this regard.

  6. I despise Trump but considering the general crazy things he has done lately I don’t see his meeting with people who are anti-Semites to be anything to overplay (or underplay) . Trump meets with whoever will support him and at this point he is obviously scraping at the bottom on the barrel. It was a meeting of “like meets like” but antisemitism per se was not really a factor in it. No need to create self fulfilling prophecies and make a major ruckus about what an antisemite he allegedly he is.

    He also gave a plausible explanation for why he had them over and distanced himself from them in a far more acceptable manor than the DNC has ever justified anti-Semits like Al Sharpton speaking at their convention.

    And Nick Fuentes himself expressed disappointment with the Trump meeting saying that Trump is not on board with him

  7. There are no shortage of anti-semite. There are no shortage of black anti-semite. I don’t see that we all react to all of these the same as we do to Kanye West. So what is it that there was such a reaction to Kanye West? What is his great sin that he was punished by taking away his billions? Obama’s galach didn’t say worse stuff? The answer is that in addition to being an anti-semite he is also a Trump supporter. For this avaira Yom kippur is not mechappar.
    I also voted for Trump twice and I believe we need to move on from Trump. I am not impressed by all this drama about how terrible it is what Kanye said etc. I am far more concerned about the quiet descrimination that takes place in corporate America towards Jews.

  8. @Shimon G – I’m honored that you’ve quoted my “bone-headed” comment, but you need to work on your reading comprehension skills before you decide to initiate debate with me, friend.

    I wasn’t saying THIS article is going to create anti-Semites. I said “articleS.” Let me give you a hint. That’s an S on the end – indicating plural. The issue isn’t any ONE article, or “exposing what Trump did,” as you put it. It’s the constant, daily, pathetic barrage against Trump and his supporters that can turn people against us because they may erroneously think that YWN represents the concensus voice of frum Jews, (which it absolutely does not).

    With regards to your other assertion that I would call out Obama (presumably as an anti-Semite) for sitting with Farakkhan – I actually explicitly addressed this in a comment below (that you neglected) in response to “rt.” Let me cite it for you: “Obama did have similar ‘get togethers’ with Farrakhan, Sharpton, etc., and I do very much think he’s anti-Israel, but not convinced he’s an anti-Semite.”

    And to your last point – more chashuv Presidents sitting with worse people. I didn’t say “Presidents” – you did. But Herbert Hoover met with Adolf Hitler and multiple Democratic and Republican presidents met with Sharpton and Farrakhan. I don’t see Shimon G. berating sending YWN letters about them like he does about Trump. I don’t think meeting with West makes Trump an anti-Semite, any more than I think Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un makes him a North Korean sympathizer.

  9. “Excuse me, they’re not a threat to Jews? A white nationalist with a national platform who says Jews have to be expelled from the US isn’t a threat? One of the most celebrated rappers of all time spewing antisemitism isn’t a threat to Jews? What are you smoking”

    -Shimon, I wrote they don’t pose a threat to NON-Jews, not that they don’t pose a threat to Jews. I wasn’t defending anyone I was simply stating the fact that we shouldn’t feel disappointment when nobody comes to our aid since why would they care about fighting for us. That’s the way of the world.

    Also my other remarks which were clearly misunderstood and taken out of all context, were not defending the cultist mentality or Trump. I was just balancing out the article since it read like an impulse essay. I wrote that Trump should not have met with them but I understand why he did just as he was slow to condemn David Duke who he”never heard of”. He does it because it’s his tactic to show neutrality and win by any means. Do I support it? Of course not but do I expect him to lose for the Jews? No I do not. Do I think he is an anti semite for this? Probably not but I also don’t think he is that sympathetic to Jews and I’m sure he crossed paths with many in the real estate business with not such great experiences, as well as Jews such as Michael Cohen who openly betrayed him.

    Yes America is getting anti Jewish from both the left and right. Yes I think that the time of Jewish America is coming to an end. America itsled is crumbling, and in the end there is one thing that unites the nations on all sides, it’s the hatred toward Jews.

  10. You can vote for whoever you want. We, the normal smart Yidden, stand firmly with President Trump.

    There is noone else in this country with experience, intellectual prowess and stamina to take on the tremendous evil that’s taking root here.

    All “opinion” pieces like this one are trying to do is to peel off as much of his popular support as possible ahead on the primary elections. Don’t be misled.

  11. When somone helps the Jewish People and is exceptional beyond others in helping Israel, when such a person meets and had diner with even the greatest of our enemies – ut does not make him a supporter of antisemitism.

    Yaakov Avinu met Essov, gave him gifts, honored him and even kissed him – does that make Yaakov Avinu an anti-semite?!

    If Biden would do half of what Trump did for Israel, then a meetibg with a terrorist or KKK
    would not make Biden less if a friend of the Jewish people.

    We are not defined by whom we meet or who we hang out with, we are defined by what we do!

    A president might have Jewish besties and a staff filled with Jews, but if his actions are against Israel – then he is no friend if our people.

    The opposite is also true. All that matters is actions – one who helps us is our friend, one that harms our interests (like making a deal with Iran) is our enemy.

  12. Let’s clarify something: no sane person thinks DJT is an anti-Semite. He loves Jews! But this meeting is just showcasing the fact that he is taking his narcissistic need for dame and votes too far. So since — since — there are several other frigging awesome candidates, let’s kiss Trump goodbye (and I do mean kiss; we owe him tremendous love and hakoras hatov) and embrace tzaddik umos haolam Mikeyboy or Haley or De Santis!

  13. A number of commenters say Hashem controls the world. I don’t believe that, and neither does the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Hashem gives us humans free will. He knows what we will do, but he does not control what we choose, though He/She could change that when She/He decides otherwise.

  14. “I think this is more accurate, looks like TYW is going far leftI think this is more accurate, looks like TYW is going far left”

    See, this is why people call Trumpers a cult. What on earth is “far left” about not supporting Trump? The man is an egomaniac who undercuts himself at every turn. He appeals to the base instincts in people with his childish attacks on his opponents or rivals within the party. Even pre-Covid, his presidency was a chaotic circus with virtually every important appointee lasting at most a year or two before resigning or being fired. Post presidency, he has managed to lose a midterm Senate election with the least popular president in history in office. I dislike Trump precisely because he is spurring the left wing takeover of this country. His only real lasting accomplishment was appointing solidly conservative judges to the Supreme Court, and perhaps the symbolic but ultimately irrelevant move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

  15. Just because someone talks to someone who is an anti semite doesnt mean they are one. He spoke too kim Jung un too do you think he loves jews? Come on now – trump’s far from an antisemite

  16. To the author, I would like to remind you the final decision as to whom we will vote for President, will not take place for another 2 years. So everyone can do what they want to do now but the actual decision will take place into yours from now. It’s highly likely, as Rush Limbaugh said many times, that the final reason for why we will vote the way we will, will still not happen at least until September of election year. So don’t get your you know what all tied up in knots at this point.

    What we should remember about President Trump is that he had the economy rolling. If anyone is happy or now with the economy or with where they stand then they did two years ago, they need to have their heads examinated. Gasoline has doubled at least! The price of our food has gone up by 50%. Are you happy with this? President Trump released SMR From that horrendous prison sentence he received.

    Have some hakoras hatov. No one was telling you to cast your vote right now. In fact if you live in New York or New Jersey, by the time the primaries get to your state, will already know who the candidate is going to be.

  17. “BaisIsThePlace”
    what on earth does liking what trump has done for the jews and liking his political style in general and liking him as a candidate have to do with being called “trumpers, or part of some sort of cult??????? just because he knows how to deliver his promises, which so far 99 percent of politicians don’t, doesn’t make people that like him into trumpers or cults. you obviously are influenced by leftist news. all I’m saying is the TYW made a sudden turn around and started bashing trump after the midterms. people don’t take into consideration what he actually did for the jews and how much he helped them. you obviously don’t understand the guy, even if he’s helping you you are going against him. I just don’t get your type, maybe you guys are an anti trump cult, you cannot even pinpoint why you don’t like him, you just don’t like him because the New York Times told you so , or CNN or TYW. why don’t you just use your small brain and look at his accomplishments before right away going against him

  18. Didn’t read the comments, but since I am lonely tonight, here is some of thoughts, trump is like achashvierosh he only cares about wealth and success never been in politics never in the army only his success, he invited his friend probably without even seeing the latest remarks from him because he wants his votes and he thought that it would give him that, and he may have been right, he himself did a lot for Israel and gave into everything they wanted he agreed to, he let Israel have what they want, but for himself he just needed to write that no antisemitism was talked about he also said that he did not know his friend, but he probably knew what he was dealing with, but still he said he did not know him, at least that much, Obama might have done worse and even with a white racist. We have to know that we are in galus and we should never think that the end of the galus came already until the real moshiach comes

    Trump only cares about his votes and support and that is what he thought he might get, and he legalized it, not antisemitic
    From the same person that is the Israel messiah that made Ben gvir and that is the story have a good night and know the galus is alive

  19. Hashem controls the world.
    Ywn should not allow אפיקורסוס on their site. Ywn should NOT be a platform for all sewers. These are deep concept’s that need to be discussed with ones Rabbi. NOT HERE!

  20. Let me start off with saying that the only thing shimon g knows how to do is parrot what he hears in the mainstream media. Not everything is face value and you can’t just make a fuss about things without knowing the history. Let’s first start with trumps history with jews. There’s no arguing that trump was by far the best president religious jews and Israel has ever seen. This wasn’t a mistake, he has positive views towards jews and acts on it. It’s not up for debate. U don’t even have to mention he has Jewish family to prove he isn’t an anti smite. He’s worked with jews I personally know in New York for decades. His history with jews runs very deep. People don’t change in a whim, trump didn’t wake up one morning and decide he’s anti Semitic. But u clearly woke up one morning and decided to cave to all the mainstream predicaments. U write u voted for him twice but as we get further from his presidency… what changed that u withdrew ur support? Trump didn’t change. He had antisemitic accusations against him in 2016 as well. Still u supported him. He had allegations that were far worse than anti semtism. Still u brushed it off as fake news. What changed? Nothing. The only thing that changed is YOU. All the constant negativity on trump from the media while he is in a weak spot not able to push back with accomplishments like he was able to throughout the presidency had you duped. Admit it. You fell for it. Nothing you said in your article is unique to your views. It is all complete parroting of CNN and the likes. As for kanye west and his meeting? Kanye west was the FIRST celebrity to come out and support trump publicly it wad huge for trump. Many many celebrities followed him. Kanye west has been an avid trump supporter for years and this won’t be the first time he spoke with trump. He has recently come under attack for things he said on Twitter which u probably know nothing about. You don’t even know what death con 3 means as u write it with confidence and vengeance. If u want to know more about why we shouldn’t be offended by west u can go read my comment on the article about the meeting (which u probably did but found no line you can poke fun at) point is trump and Kanye go way back. Trump meets with people on a daily basis. Just like when trump gets attacked for being racist you’ve rolled ur eyes and said enough with cancel culture, trump is rolling his eyes along with every other sane headed being in the country over the complete overreaction and destruction of Kanye west. Yes overreaction I said it. Do some research on what was he said before going off based in what u read on CNN. Trump met with west b3cause he us being unjustly destroyed just like he has been many times. Trump isn’t Jewish and he’s not gonna make believe he’s offended like all the other politicians. He’s real. He sees its an overreaction so he doesn’t acknowledge it. If u want to keep following the politicians who say things to make u feel good and just peddle cliché lines about no tolerance for anti semtism while they read mein kempf in their basement, go right ahead there’s plenty of flocks of sheep u can join. Know the history, know the facts, and know why your outraged. Stop seeing an opportune topic to sound off about and make urself feel good about ripping people’s comments and how ur such a powerful writer when all ur doing is taking they’re comments out of context, taking advantage of people who won’t respond, and simply parroting what u fell for.

  21. I am relieved some of us are finally seeing Trump as a danger, someone who could throw out his “favorites” without warning in order to win. I’m also disappointed he still has defenders, but could be most from this camp is saving face. This meeting plus January 6 is exactly what most anti-Trumpers have been warning about since 2016. Please be mindful of this next time, not to dismiss others’ political persuassions by rationalizing they must not be frum, etc.
    Philosopher & others: Yes, there are dangers all around. Thugs abound. But thugs on the left are typically less organized and less interested in passing legislative gezaras against peoples. Most of the thugs you are calling “leftist” probably never even vote. Whereas the threats from the right are more organized, and their violence is much more often politically or philosophically motivated.
    With all of the accusations of aethiesm against the left, I hope people are understanding the value of a live-and-let-live government where Jews don’t have to prove their allegiance to a leader or party, or worry how the leader thinks of “the Jews,” or have to prove to the republican goyim how much you too love Hashem and are better than your aethiest democratic Jewish bretheren. Yes, there’s always some fanatical legislation on the left and identity politics exist on the other side too, but if I have to convince you why they are less of a threat in this regard, you’re going to believe what you will at this point.