DAM BEGINS TO BREAK: Trump Allies Berate Him for Meeting with Radical Antisemites


The blowback over former President Donald Trump’s meeting with two virulent antisemites – rapper Kanye West and white nationalist Nick Fuentes – appears to be growing, with a number of his allies beginning to publicly criticize him.

Frum conservative commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted: “A good way not to accidentally dine with a vile racist and anti-Semite you don’t know is not to dine with a vile racist and anti-Semite you do know.”

Shapiro was reacting to Trump’s defense of the meeting, in which he said that he only invited Kanye and that the rapper brought along people he claims not to know.

Jeremy Boering, Shapiro’s confounder at the conservative Daily Wire, wrote: “Teaming up with Milo and Fuentes puts to rest any “it doesn’t make you an antisemite just to criticize a Jewish person” defense of Ye. No, it doesn’t. And also Ye is an antisemite who just assembled an antisemite dream team. Tragic.”

Dov Hikind released a video addressing the meeting and wrote on Twitter: “If @realDonaldTrump welcomes vicious & unrepentant antisemites like Kanye and his strange neo-Nazi bedfellow Nick Fuentes to Mar a Lago, we could expect more and worse if Trump were in the WH again! All that because they say nice things about the former president. #Disqualified”

Chris Christie, a former Trump ally who has become critical of the 45th president more recently, blasted the ex-president over the meeting.

“This is just another example of an awful lack of judgment from Donald Trump, which, combined with his past poor judgments, make him an untenable general election candidate for the Republican Party in 2024,” Christie said.

“[Trump] can’t stand not having attention all the time. And so, having someone show up at his club — even if you believe that he didn’t know who Nick Fuentes was — and want to sit with him, feeds the hunger he feels for the attention he’s missing since he left the presidency,” he added.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Non of these here are “Trump Allies” at all, although Freidman is.

    Trump, who was a very good friend of the Jews, and his father was, is now apparently going through some transition. Hashem created him a very sensitive person, to a childish degree, and as he looks back how Jews were not appreciative of his friendship – including maybe his son-in-law – he’s grappling with thoughts of joining voices blaming the entire Jewish race = Antisemitism.

    And he very well may end up totally becoming an anti-Semite.

    It won’t help that he wasn’t בעצם an anti-Semite all along. It won’t help that he got to this low point ONLY BECAUSE he did good things, and was the target of the most corrupts Justice Department in history.

    Bottom line – he became ‘damaged goods’ by no fault of his own, and by weak Republicans, but he’s failing to react properly and instead could emerges a full fledged anti-semite.

    I would give him some time to turn back though… Let’s see.

  2. No, I don’t believe Trump is now an anti-Semite nor will he become one.
    But the Jews have not shown gratitude to him for the friendship he showed to the Jews.

    The fact that Trump met Kanye West does NOT make Trump an anti-Semite nor should we berate Trump for meeting him. We don’t know what Trump told West, and for all we know, he may have rebuked West for his attacks on the Jews.

    The Jews need to stop these mindless, leftist mob driven attacks on Trump.
    It makes the Jews look like screeching, mindless leftists.

  3. I would anticipate and expect a leader to meet with raging lunatics..gosh how many have been escorted through the Museums of groups to teach them ….if not understand where….Ben Shapiro is a liberal beanie wearing shabbos jew who is a corporation and not worthy of a comment….sadly he is commenting….horrors behold, Soros is back again and the nasty Americans are setting us up or are they….bye bye Ben Shapiro, like Musk your voice has little punch to it __

  4. RightJew – Agreed. He’s not an Anti-Semite at this point. But he is reacting to this low point he’s facing very poorly, and he didn’t mind meeting with these guys, which can lead him down that road.
    All he has to do is apologies that he didn’t mean, he didn’t know etc. But he must do it.

  5. I think after your public war with Hochul, you should sit this one aside. We don’t need radicalized enemies on both sides. The Democrat sit every day with radical islamists BLM and LGBT activists, all which are bad for Jews. Focus this energy on them. Trump did the most for religious Jews among any us politician.

  6. So much nonsense, so little time. And just to be clear, the nonsense is the attempt of so many Trumpkopfs to explain away Trump’s hobnobing with anti-Semites.

  7. His grandkids are Jewish, I highly HIGHLY doubt he’s a Jew hater.

    American Jews are often ungrateful for what he’s done.

    Still has my vote!

  8. @lakewhut: OF COURSE Trump did more, etc., etc.! Trump was awesome! But meeting with such scum just shows how narcissistically low he’s prepared to go for votes and/or fame. We need to move in from his narcisssim and embrace people like the tzaddik umos haolam Mike Pence and awesome conservatives like Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis.

  9. I’ve predicted it from the moment he came down the escalator…
    (As he was so praised for by Steve Bannon).
    Terribly sickening seeing these comments how Yidden can’t let go of this Avoda Zara.

  10. Commenters here have very short term memory

    To say “American Jews” I hope you don’t mean the ones that made a convoy in Lakewood before the election, or the ones that endorsed him (Rav Shmuel for example), or the ones in deal nj that gave him a lot of money, or the ones that were at a dinner for him (not in deal)

  11. FaceIt, it’s not Avoda Zara, and Steve Bannon is no Anti-Semite.
    Your prediction were all wrong all the 4 years he was in office, and you’re still hanging on to them like a false religion (=Avoda Zara)…
    The fact is, he was a great president with very unique qualities, and the proof is the results he most surely delivered.
    That said, it’s true we have to be careful going forward.
    Even now, he hasn’t himself said anything anti-sematic. When he says most Jews don’t appreciate enough what he did he’s saying the absolute truth (and you’re one of them). He did though did the wrong, stupid and careless thing by palling around with these rags..

  12. Let’s get something straight, Ben Shapiro was not a big fan of Trump and had been converted later on as soon as he saw that the president was able to accomplish many many things for the good. Just remember, it was only 2 years ago that we were doing very well economically…. And then the Democrats took control.

    Ben Shapiro’s issue with Trump is not necessarily on the issues but on the חיצוניות .

    As far as Dov Hikind, please don’t swallow the Looney Toons leftist media and think that he is a conservative or even a RINO at best. He’s always been a Democrat. He’s always voted a long Democrat Party lines. Much like Chuck you Schumer, the location between his face and a television camera is very dangerous, especially when he feels the need he needs to jump up and down about an issue.

    President Trump always showed that he was not political and that’s part of what everyone hates about him. If he thinks if he can help somebody or if they can help him in some way, he’s willing to at the very least listen to what they have to say. That’s always been Trump going back 50 years.

    He already came out and said that this Fuentes guy showed up along with the wacko . Whether it’s true or not, that we don’t know but we do know that it’s highly unlikely there will be another meeting with him unless it’s something that Trump can get out of him for the betterment of the country.

  13. Time has arrived to place ourselves inside Sholom Rubashkin’s shoes, and for ever be grateful to this צדיק-גמור President Donald Trump’s heroic move almost exactly 1/2 decade ago:- After-all everyone including צדיקים-גמורים are inure to the verse אין צדיק בארץ אשר לא יחטא as espoused by קוהלת read just 44 days ago, so place 1 meeting in perspective compared to the unabated wickedness of משכב-זכר & Murder [sugar-coated as abortion] by the democRATS

  14. Who is this Dov Hikind guy anyway? Some liberal pretending to be a frum jew? He would probably rather have some guy with no morals who will pass many anti torah edicts, as long as there’s no Trump. Dov, grow up.

  15. 147: Are you really that much of a lunatic?? What does his release of SMR to gain some political chits with certain block voting groups and financial contributors have to do with his seemingly endless efforts to gain the support of right wing racists and anti-semites and then subsequently claim he “didn’t know” who they were. This started decades ago, continued through his campaign with David (KKK) Duke, multiple Q-anon outreach efforts etc. You don’t just wander in to have dinner with a former President along with an affirmed rabid anti-semite nutcase like “Ye” without knowing who they are. Fuentes and his stridently anti-semitic rhetoric has been written up in just about every media outlet including Fox News for years.

  16. Israel National News > Opeds > Did Trump stumble into this Persona-Non-Grata’s ploy?

    The headlines coming out of the meeting with the two antisemites, where one of whom was a white supremacist, may be very damaging to Trump’s ambition of emulating Grover Cleveland’s second, non-consecutive, successful run for the White House. As a result of the dinner’s reverberation, Trump may lose support among blacks, Hispanics, Jews and many independents who despise racism and bigotry, while providing fresh and broad exposure to Kanye, who would, later on, chew over the nature, the gist, and the back-and-forth between him and Trump.
    It would be Ye’s version, whether true or not (probably not). And it would go viral due to its sensational nature and its Trump-bashing quality.
    Ye clearly outsmarted Trump. He manipulated Trump and used him to promote his own objective of having Ye’s run-for-president announcement publicized over nearly every news medium, while, simultaneously,damaging Trump’s chances for a successful run. Kanye tried to suck away Trump’s support among highly religious Christian groups, antisemites, other bigots and supremacists, and move them over to support the “new prophet” – Ye West.

    In his imaginary narrative of the dinner, Kanye told stories about how he got Trump to lose it when he asked the Donald to be Kanye’s running mate. He also cast dirt on Trump’s character by describing how he gossiped, tossed some mean words and diminished Kardashian, the mother of Ye’s children. He painted Trump in the color of white supremacism by claiming that “Trump is really impressed with Nick Fuentes”. He blamed Trump of disloyalty to his supporters by standing on the sidelines and not coming to their defense, when authorities went after the January 6th protesters who were hunted by the Democrats and their politically motivated law-enforcement agencies.

    In addition, Kanye used his newly visible platform to promote his presidential agenda of converting the democratic nature of the US into a Christian Autocracy (and specifically not a Judeo-Christian one).

    The whole circumstance of what actually took place in Mar-a-Lago looks and smells like a conspiracy to trap Trump. The part exposing the nature and purpose of the dinner meeting is the fact that Kanye brought over his new “best friend”, Fuentes, a white supremacist, without letting Trump know about it ahead of the meeting.

    Why would a black guy befriend a white supremacist? Even when these two share the same lies and distortion about Jews, there is still a titanic chasm between them when it comes to the question of racism directed at black people. When someone is offered the opportunity to see an ex-president and share dinner with “His Majesty”, would he bring along anyone, let alone a person who is anything but a best and most loyal friend?

    The only logical conclusion is that it was a ploy to trap and devalue Trump while promoting Kanye in the process. The means justified the end.

    The other question that comes to mind is who conceived this whole scenario? Was it just Kanye, or did he have some backing?

    It is conceivable that Kanye conceived and executed the setup on his own. But it is also possible that he received help and advice from Trump-haters. And there are many, all over The agenda calling for Damaging Trump is surrounding the globe. It is not limited to Democrats; it is a global phenomenon. Kanye could have used that to his advantage. After all, he is a self-made millionaire. He is mean and sick-minded, and a persona-non-grata as of late, but he must be smart; he must be a professional manipulator; he is famous; and he knows where to go for backing and support.

    If he could get a professional white supremacist to join him–a black person–on his trip, he could get other Trump-haters, even Democrats, to support this set-up.

    It is thought-provoking to speculate on the fallout of this whole event.

  17. Talking to an antisemite doesn’t make you an antisemite. And definitely doesn’t erase all the good he has done. This is making a mountain out of a molehill. We should be focused on getting rid of the real antisemite in the white house.

  18. MDshweks,
    Hold on to him strongly forever…
    You’ll never agree that he has little issue with gasing 6 million should it fit his sick and reckless ego.

  19. FaceIt:
    I agree that YOU have little issue with gasing 6 million should it fit YOUR sick and reckless ego. YOU need major help. Nothing to do with Trump or his followers!

  20. Pathetic efforts to rationalize Trump’s irrational behavior are simply deferring the inevitable outcome when a cult realizes they have been drinking the kool-aid and lash out at everyone. When he started with the whining about Netanyahu accepting the outcome of the U.S. election and yidden being ungrateful about his cosmetic “ahavas yisroel” that should have been the signal that he was ready to throw us under the bus and embrace the far right as more reliable sycophants.

  21. I’m not so sure Fuentes would “quality” as a so called “pure aryan” garbage ideology…but then again, A. H. YM”S “elevated” Palestine Arab-Islamist Nazi leader Mufti al-Husseini ym”s. who by the way is the ‘founder’ of the Israel-Arab conflict in 1920.