PAY BACK: Lufthansa Airline Gives $20,000 To All Jews Who Were Discriminated Against On Flight


A group of chasidim who were denied entry onto a connecting flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Budapest, Hungary, while on their way to the kever of Reb Shayale in early May have begun receiving settlement checks from the airline.

As previously reported by YWN, Lufthansa discriminated against all Jewish passengers on the flight after flight attendants got into a dispute with some of them over mask mandates. The passengers kicked off the flight sued the airline, which eventually admitted – after a massive outcry, including from sitting U.S. congressmen – that it had discriminated against them.

Lufthansa agreed to settle with the chasidim for $20,000 per affected individual, plus $1,000 per person for additional travel expenses incurred due to their being blocked from their scheduled flight.

The law firm that negotiated the settlement with Lufthansa is getting an 18% cut, thus each affected passenger is receiving $17,400 from the airline.



(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)