$4 Million in Homeland Security Funds Delivered to NYC Non-Profits


weiner.jpgNew York City – Non-profit organizations in New York City secured more than $4 million in Homeland Security grants – 27% of grants delivered nationwide – Representative Anthony Weiner (D – Brooklyn and Queens), a member of the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, announced today.

This year, 59 non-profits in New York City received funding, for a total of $4.08 million – approximately one and a half times the amount given to any other locality. The appropriation far exceeds last years total when 40 non-profits in New York City received a total of $3.2 million.

In 2005, Rep. Weiner helped secure $6.3 million in non-profit funding to protect dozens of institutions in the New York City area, including $2 million for thirty yeshivas and synagogues with an average grant of $65,000.

The grants are being made available through the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, and will provide significant funding for security measures at the very institutions being singled out as potential targets – yeshivas and synagogues throughout the five boroughs. In the past, the program has funded security enhancements at New York City landmarks such as the Intrepid Museum, and hospitals such as the Staten Island University Hospital.

Institutions that qualified for the current grant program were eligible to receive up to $75,000 – funds that can be used to train security personnel and install security measures such as surveillance cameras, barriers and controlled entry systems. The average award for grant winners is approximately $70,000, and the funds are expected to be delivered within the next 60 days.

Rep. Weiner, “It’s high time DHS realized that our non-profit institutions were at risk. Worshipers, museum goers, and hospital visitors expect and deserve a safe environment, and these grants will go a long way towards ensuring their safety.”

This program was created after Weiner offered legislation in the Judiciary Committee in 2004. Department of Homeland Security does not release the specific list of recipients for security reasons.

(YWN Desk – NYC)