DON OR RON?: Trump Releases Campaign Video Promising to Copy DeSantis’ Education Policies

(AP Photo/Butch Dill, File)

Donald Trump has taken a page from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ book, releasing a campaign ad in which Trump promises to reform education across the United States – an issue that DeSantis has been at the forefront of for quite a long time.

DeSantis’ war against leftist indoctrination in classrooms has, among other things, made him a national conservative star, and the former president wants some of the action.

In a video released by Trump War Room, Trump reveals that he intends to copy DeSantis’ playbook, though he never mentions the Florida governor.

Trump says that he will move to allow parents to elect their children’s school principal, and have the Dept. of Education and the Dept. of Justice open civil rights investigations into schools practicing racial discrimination.

“The Marxism preached in our schools is also totally hostile to Judeo-Christian teachings, and in many ways is resembling an established new religion. Can’t let that happen,” Trump says.

“On day one, we will begin to find and remove the radical zealots and Marxists who have infiltrated the federal Department of Education,” the former president adds.

Trump also pledges to “create a new credentialing body that will be the gold standard, anywhere in the world, to certify teachers who embrace patriotic values, support our way of life, and understand that their job is not to indoctrinate children, but very simply to educate them.”

He also says that he will move to give favorable treatment to states and districts that remove tenure for K-12 teachers and give additional merit pay to good teachers.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. So the Trumpkopf is promising to pursue all the conservative of anti-woke policies of Ronnie but at the same time do so without all the drama and his abrasive personality. What am i missing??

  2. Really? We all knew who the original is and who is copying.
    Trump eliminated CRT in the military the very same day he heard about it (or the very next day)!

  3. There is a famous scene in a movie (“When Heshy Meets Surahlah”) filmed at a not so mehadrim “kosher” deli on the lower East Side. At a particular moment (leave it to the imagination) when the waiter is trying to take Surahlah’s order, she blurts out “I’ll have whatever she’s having” !!(the lady at the adjoining table).
    Bottom Line: Trump will parrot whatever lines or promises that any of his rivals has shown will resonate with the Republican Base. Its not a matter of “principle”. It is whatever gets the biggest applause line at a MAGA rally.

  4. I thought Republicans were against Federal government interference in local matters. Does he propose parents electing school principals and discriminating against certain pink haired teachers?
    I believe Steven Miller wrote the script for this video performance.

  5. Yankelah: If you listen carefully to the Trumpkopf’s video, he very clearly talks about firing only those with PINK hair but offers hiring bonuses and incentives to those with ORANGE hair.