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WHERE’S DESANTIS? Florida Gov. Silent After Sickening Neo-Nazis Harass Jews Across Florida

Many are questioning why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is gearing to launch his presidential campaign, has not spoken up publicly after groups of neo-Nazis from the so-called “Goyim Defense League” distributed propaganda, protested, and harassed Jews across Florida this past weekend.

In a viral video too vile for publication on YWN due to the sickening hate and obscenities therein, Goyim Defense League founder John Minadeo, who moved his hate group to Florida in December, is seen yelling “Heil Hitler, Jew!” at a passing man in front of a Chabad House. Minadeo was arrested several months ago after raising an anti-Semitic banner at the Auschwitz death camp in Poland.

“Sir, do you think you should be put in an oven?” he said to another.

In another part of the clip, Minadeo points to a barbecue grill and asks a passing elderly Jewish woman how many Jews she thinks could fit inside.

Outside the Chabad of South Orlando on Friday, Minadeo and his fellow thugs harassed visibly Jewish men leaving its premises, lobbing vile hate at them, with the victims speeding away in a vehicle.

“Cops work straight for the [expletive] Jews,” he says in video from the demonstration.

At one point, a Jewish man demanded that he get off the shul’s grass and two Jews began singing L’cha Dodi in front of the neo-Nazis as a man chanted “Heil Hitler!”

The next day, nearly a dozen neo-Nazis associated with NatSoc Florida, another hate group, joined the Goyim Defense League at a protest outside the Daytona International Speedway, unfurling antisemitic banners on a pedestrian bridge reading, “Communism is Jewish” and “Henry Ford was right about the Jews.”

That evening, the group used a laser to project antisemitic messages on the stadium, including “Hitler was right” before distributing hate propaganda in nearby neighborhoods.

Thus far, DeSantis has been completely silent about the hate across his state. And it’s not the first time. In January 2022, DeSantis came under fire for not condemning neo-Nazi demonstrators in Florida.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This happens when its time for the Jews to go Home. Unfortunately most American jews are in denial. They ran to Miami because they thought they could run away from anti semitism. They think they can hide from Hashem. They will try everything except theri own homeland. How sad. Maybe Wyoming will be better.

  2. Since he wants to get the votes of both the Jews and the neo Nazis and the white supremacists, DeSantis has to be careful with his words as not to alienate either.

  3. all that is visible and alive comes from above… Santis is simply a geographical icon that doesn’t have to do really much compared to the rest of the world…most Miami residents are either retired welfare living in trailers but mostly they are truly church goers so a 5 year old could run Florida….

  4. That’s how it works.

    New York is silent about the antisemitic liberals.
    Florida is silent about antisemitic right-wingers.

    That’s life.

    Nazis hated us for being communists. Communists hated us for being capitalists.

  5. One might suspect that what motivates these attention seekers is the expected publicity from personal mention by politicians like DeSantis. In any case, the web has the following:

    > Jeremy Redfern, deputy press secretary for DeSantis, said in a statement provided to NBC News Monday that the governor “rejects attempts to scapegoat the Jewish community — it has no place in Florida,” pointing to various legislation the governor has supported to oppose antisemitism and support Jewish people.

  6. maybe trump is the right candidate after all???
    it seems this is a pattern of keeping quiet..otherwise let him come out in front of it and not make florida hospitable to this known anti Semitic views and actions words turn into action stones and then bullets
    have we forgotten a frum yid a chosen was murdered 3 days ago do we know for certain religion played no part in it?? no we dont, it defininetly didn’t help the fact he had a beard and yarmulka
    so every crime does have an element of anti semetisim mixed in

  7. As long as Klal Yisroel remained in Goshen, they were safe. The shibud only started when vatimaley haaretz osam. When the Yidden left Goshen and started settling in the rest of Mitzraim, that’s when the shibud started. Is Tom’s River, Brooklyn, 5Towns that bad? Must one leave his Frum surroundings and flock down to a goyishe swamp wasteland of Orlando? Where is the seichel?

  8. Why would he want to alienate the extreme right wing of the MAGA voters he is desperately trying to attract by being too vocal about racism or antisemitism? Better to quietly issue a vague press release so his office can claim he “condemned” these incidents.

  9. And what about your democratic president??? Have we heard from him(Also running for president presumably)?

    Oh, I forgot, the democrats are known for respecting the autonomy of individual states 😀😁😅😂

  10. The story sounds like a major plant from the Washington Compost or the New York Slimes

    I don’t know why someone doesn’t take this goy and have him eat dirt.

  11. Ridiculous. What on earth does Desantis have to do with this? Is he supposed to react every time a few random nutcases exercise their first amendment rights, anywhere in Florida?! In the USA?! In the world?! It’s got nothing to do with him and he’s got nothing to do with it. Who says he’s even heard of it? And if he has, why should he pay it any attention? Imagine if the governor of NY or the mayor of NYC were expected to react every time a nutcase preaches on the street, or on the subway!

    But of course YD and GHD couldn’t resist the opportunity to spread filthy lies and defamation, by claiming that Desantis wants to attract the votes of neo-nazis — all 30 of them — and that “the extreme right wing of the MAGA voters” would be alienated by denouncing antisemitism. They know very well that this is false.

  12. “most Miami residents are either retired welfare living in trailers but mostly they are truly church goers”

    To all those ehrliche yidden living in Florida, make sure you collect your welfare check so you can put a new roof on your side-by-side and still have a few dollars left over for the collection plate in shul this shabbos. The
    “trailer trash” responsible for this astute observation is clearly not a big fan of Ronald.

  13. Wow no words…ywn you have no clue what you are talking about….you need to educate yourself and then rewrite this article.

  14. Good try. DeSantis is supposed to come out and tell about these nutcases acting like what they are. Useless pieces of (…). But Hochul is not required to intervene in the beating and physical assaults Jews all around NYC suffer on a daily basis at the hands of democrat-voting shwartzas. She could be completely quiet about it and that’s completely fine. Right Katanhadorah, rt and rest of anarchist lovers demonrats?

  15. Sfaradi: “Left right who cares, they all hate us”.

    That is an outright lie. No, they do not all hate us. You are simply excusing your own side by pretending “everyone does it”. No, everyone does not do it. Antisemitism is not tolerated on the right, but it is openly accepted and celebrated on the left. Not everyone on the left hates us, but they all have no problem with those who do, and give those people pride of place in their party and their discussions. Democrats are so desperate to find any hint of antisemitism in the GOP that they have to resort to inventing quotes and blood libels; nobody has to invent anything about Democrats, because there are enough real cases to point to.

  16. Teal, tell me one reason why either one of them should take any notice of this completely insignificant story, let alone comment on it.

    Ed in Miami, don’t let the door hit you. You won’t be missed.

  17. Evalimoshavlo: Your assertions are ridiculous.

    First: Not everyone has the luxury of lamming it over to Israel. Some of us actually have hard-earned careers, children, and/or elderly parents to take care of. And some of us are integral to small or struggling communities that would weaken or disintegrate without us. Got it?

    Second: Jews who move to Florida do so because they wish to hide from Hashem? What now?

    Go splash some water on your face.

  18. “You are simply excusing your own side by pretending “everyone does it”. No, everyone does not do it. Antisemitism is not tolerated on the right, but it is openly accepted and celebrated on the left.“

    Nick Fuentes is on the right, he is tolerated

  19. To Gadolhadorah: I’m just wondering what this “collection plate” is supposed to be, especially on Shabbos. Seems you are mistaking us with Christians. It explains a lot. This and your choice of name (and your ignorance of the gender indicator) indicates… well, I’d perhaps better not say anything, but it’s obvious to me what you are.

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