“PROTECT THE JEW”: Unbelievable Hate on Full Display at Maryland House of Delegates


An utterly sickening and blatant display of vitriolic antisemitism shocked attendees and viewers earlier this week when a demented man went on an anti-Jew tirade during an official hearing of the Maryland House of Delegates Judiciary Committee regarding bill that would create a Hate Crimes Grant Fund. The grant would apply to shuls, mosques, and other nonprofits at risk of hate crimes, the Baltimore Scoop reports.

Ayo Kimathi spoke at the hearing and blasted the proposed bill as a “Protect the Jew” piece of legislation.

“This is in a group of bills that are very disturbing and concerning to me. I call them the ‘Protect the Jew’ bills,” Kimathi said.

“Jews have the traditional history – this is what they do – of making claims of being victims when they’re actually in many cases victimizers,” Kimathi said. “So it’s a problem when Jews are the ones making these decisions because the only people they’re looking out for – like these bills – are only for Jews.”

So, who is Ayo Kimathi? A bona fide nut.

He operated a website — War on the Horizon — and gleefully predicted a coming race war, advocated the “ethnic cleansing” of “black-skinned Uncle Tom race traitors,” and declared that if black people are to survive the 21st century then “we are going to have to kill a lot of whites.” At one point it held an “enemies list” which included Al Sharpton, Lil Wayne, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and Barack Obama.

But a few days after the Southern Poverty Law Center blog Hatewatch first reported about Kimathi’s racist ranting and unlikely day job at Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), where he was making $115,000, the DHS finally tried to put the Irritated Genie back in his bottle. Kimathi was placed on administrative leave, and was fired several months later.

The War on the Horizon Facebook page is gone, too, but not before the Irritated Genie or one of his comrades declared on the page shortly after Kimathi was put on leave that “[t]he war is on! The smallhats (white so-called jews) have stepped it up.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. who was the chairman of this committee? i bet he was honored at some black history month celebration by biden or hakeem jeffries whose own uncle said WORSE things than this guy.

  2. Since this wicked Ben Ham supports free speech, let’s remind him:
    his ancestor Ham (son of Noach) was a violent, wicked sex deviant,
    Hashem severely punished Ham for his sins, and
    Noach placed a curse on Ham’s descendants.

  3. Bigbob why is it a waste? Are you uncomfortable that black antisemitism is getting the exposure it finally deserves ? It’s a real problem. It’s the one form of antisemitism today that is lethally dangerous to us costing Jewish lives. I’ve always said if Chas vshalom an American hitler is to be feared, don’t look for him to be white or Christian..

  4. In Golus, yidden need to keep a low profile. We’re not supposed to advocate for ridiculous “Grant Funds” or other throw-out-money ideas, even if shuls etc. might get a few bucks from it. If we don’t stay under the radar, this is what happens. He’s saying it, but all those too politically correct to say it are thinking it, and loving that he is saying it.

    Think about it. Everything he says is true, albeit antisemitic. So why would you think other latent antisemites disagree with him?

  5. Could you imagine if this piece of garbage was around in Persia at the time of Purim. What’s these second decrees all about? I call it “protect the Jews”. Well if he’s saying these type of laws “protect the Jews” he’s acknowledging that we need protection (from the likes of himself) and it’s the governments responsibility to protect it citizens. If the vile haters stop their attacks this type of legislation would not be necessary.

  6. Not sure why this is “unbelievable “. The days when black people related to the struggles of the Jewish people are long gone. In its place is the vitriol and hatred from the democrats and their constituency. Even if they felt that way in the past, they never expressed it in public. Not only is it allowed to do so now, but it’s lauded. This piece of dreck is just saying what most lefties actually feel. May they all feel the wrath of HKBH b’karov.

  7. FrumWhere: What exactly did this clown say that you feel is true? Did you even see the videos? What is wrong with a “Hate Crimes Grant Fund” and why is it specifically Jewish? Sounds to me like you just have an ax to grind.