DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: School Bus With Jewish Children Aboard Goes Up In Flames In Queens


In a dramatic incident in Queens on Tuesday, multiple students were successfully rescued after a raging fire consumed an entire school bus. The authorities were alerted to the scene at 65-44 Saunders Street in Rego Park when they received a distress call around 3:45 p.m., reporting several vehicles on fire.

Approximately six units and 30 firefighters promptly responded to the emergency, working diligently to extinguish the fire – which had spread to numerous vehicles – and ensure the safety of all involved.

According to officials from the FDNY, the school bus carried six students, all of whom attended a Jewish private school in Fresh Meadows. The heroic bus driver, identified as Manny, swiftly executed the evacuation plan, successfully removing the students from the bus before the situation escalated further.

FDNY Battalion Chief Brian Hanrahan commended the bus driver, stating, “The bus driver did a great job, again there were six kids still on the bus and as soon as ignited was able to get them off quickly and get them safe and out of the way, and none of the kids were hurt.” The swift and efficient response by the bus driver ensured the students’ safety and prevented any injuries.

Although the exact cause of the blaze is yet to be determined, initial assessments suggest that the fire originated from the bus’s engine. Further investigations will be conducted to ascertain the precise circumstances leading to the ignition.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)