VILE: Infamous Rockstar Dresses Up As Nazi During Blatantly Antisemitic Performance


During a recent concert in Berlin, Germany, Roger Waters – the Pink Floyd rockstar infamous for being anti-Israel and arguably antisemitic – caused controversy by donning an SS officer’s uniform and drawing a comparison between Nazi victim Anne Frank and Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was erroneously shot by IDF forces during an anti-terrorist raid.

At the beginning of his show, Waters displayed a message saying, “on a matter of public interest: a court in Frankfurt has ruled that I am not an antisemite,” and “Just to be clear, I condemn antisemitism unreservedly.”

He then went on to walk, talk, and act like an anti-Semite, undermining the very message he insisted on just moments earlier.

Once the show began, a crucific-shaped screen hung above the stage with speech bubbles on it reading, “They must think we’re [expletive] stupid!” and “Who do you mean by they?”

“Them, up there in the penthouse, the [expletive]  oligarchy,” the speech bubbles continued. “Ah, you mean the powers that be.”

Throughout the remainder of the show, Waters displayed humanoid pigs and sleazy businessmen who were “pulling the strings.”

He then displayed Abu Akleh’s name right before Anne Frank, insinuating that Akleh’s death is somehow comparable to Frank’s.

Afterwards, the screen said “they” are brutal because “they want to crush our resistance and keep ruling the world.”

Following a break, Waters made a striking entrance on stage adorned in an SS uniform, accompanied by an inflatable pig featuring illuminated eyes, adorned with words, symbols, and banners reminiscent of the Third Reich style. Notably, instead of a swastika, the banners displayed crossed hammers. To further captivate the audience, Waters simulated firing a fake machine gun towards them.

“Shame on Frankfurt authorities and Mercedes Benz arena in Berlin — a place from where Jews were deported by the Nazis — for providing antisemite #RogerWaters this venue for his concert with no concern/care for the Jewish community,” the Simon Wiesenthal Center said in a statement.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. so he dresses as a Nazi and then condemns anti Semitism? I really cannot understand liberals and progressives how inverted their minds work.

  2. I am not defending this man in any way. But just for context, he’s been doing this shtick for years, since the 1980’s. The point isn’t to glorify Nazi’s, it’s supposed to be a satire in a way. He dresses up like the villain in his show.
    This is not the antisemitic part of his show. Rather it’s his views, and who he considers to be the “new nazis”. He views all of the “ones in charge” as Nazis. This would probably include all large corporations, the Israeli government and all Republican politicians. In short, he’s a typical lefty…

  3. I guess you guys are new to pink floyds music…hes literally performing one of their most famous albums, “the wall”. Not saying he isnt a rabid anti-semite, but might want to research pink floyd before publishing this kind of thing.

  4. To coffee addict: you think that if he is anti Israel he likes you because you are too? I have news for you. He would drown you in a teacup. Even though he hates the Israeli who is probably chiloni, the Jew he pictures in his febrile imaginations is you with your long coat and sidelocks.

  5. Former Pink Floyd Lyricist Polly Samson — and Her Husband, David Gilmour, Emphatically Agrees: “Roger Waters Is ‘Antisemitic to Rotten Core’.”

  6. interesting, this filth floats on twitter, no rules , there are far more of him than of goodness and kindness on that avenue in the Christian World….

  7. ☕️coffee addict, the answer to your question is a resounding YES, at least for someone who’s not Jewish. If they didn’t have the Israel outlet outlet (excuse) for their antisemitism they’d use it somewhere else. By the way, too much caffeine affects logical thinking.

  8. take a look at typical zionist twisting the truth:
    “Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was erroneously shot by IDF forces during an anti-terrorist raid.”
    So, at the beginning, they were busy shouting down anyone who dared suggest that the zionist malachei chabala were the ones who shot here, saying that it was the terrorists who shot her to stage a murder. than things changed to she was shot under “unknown” circumstances (hhhmmmm), and was a risk taken by her own volition. Now it’s changed again. this time they openly admit it was them (after footage and the rest of the investigation proved 100% so they couldn’t bluff anymore), but that it was erroneously. I wouldn’t be surprised if in twenty or so years, they’ll turn around and say that it was intentional, but it was due to corruption etc, b/c by then they can say oh that was the government of then, nothing to do with us, just like they did with the Yemenite children case and so many others.
    wake up and realize that these zionist hogs are worse than any terrorist, they kill both the neshama and guf, גדול המחטיאו יותר מן ההרגו!!