PILING ON: DeSantis, Pence, Haley Tear Into Trump For Enthusiastically Congratulating North Korean Dictator

FILE - In this June 12, 2018, file photo, President Donald Trump, right, shakes hands with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un at the Capella resort on Sentosa Island in Singapore. North Korea on Tuesday, July 7, 2020, repeated it has no immediate intent to resume dialogue with the United States hours before U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun was to arrive in South Korea for discussions on the stalled nuclear diplomacy. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis launched a direct attack against Donald Trump on Saturday, ripping into the former president for congratulating North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un upon his country’s appointment to the World Health Organization’s executive board. Trump later directly congratulated KJU over the undeserved honor.

Asked by reporters for his take on Trump’s congratulations, DeSantis said he was “surprised to see that.”

“I think, one, Kim Jong Un is a murderous dictator. They just imprisoned for life a family, including an infant, which is just outrageous. And then, the World Health Organization is a bankrupt organization. Like, Kim Jong Un is bad, but then joining that? We need to be getting out of that and rejecting the WHO lockdown treaty, and not congratulating about being involved in the WHO,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis wasn’t the only one criticizing Trump. His former vice president, Mike Pence, and Nikki Haley, both of whom are running for the Republican nomination in 2024, took the former president to task.

“This is a time when we ought to make it clear to the world that we stand for freedom, and we stand with those who stand for freedom,” Pence said.

“You don’t congratulate a thug,” Haley commented. “I mean, let’s keep in mind this. This thug has threatened America. It’s threatened our allies over and over again. This is not something to play with. He’s a terrible individual. He’s terrible to his people. He’s terrible to our allies in the world. And I don’t think he deserves congratulations.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Trump is a genious! Again all over the news for free. and he is going higher and higher in the polls. He is thriving on the attention ywn (yawn) and ap are giving him.

  2. They think we have short term memory. Trump’s foreign policy, including pulling out of the WHO and how he handled North Korea, is something we all remember and want more of. (and they themselves praised him at the time for it…)

    The only difference is, Trump knows how to position himself in a good negotiating position with these world dictators. All his little excuses of competitors only know how to talk big and lead either to war or to doing nothing. Replay after replay…

  3. Nonetheless, Trump found common ground with Un while he was president, and brought him to dialogue with himself and the US. Diplomacy is also important.

  4. President Donald Trump שליט”א clearly comprehends that one catches more flies with honey 🍯 than with vinegar, & hence so absolutely did the correct thing in befriending & showing respect to Kim Jong, because bottom line is, that Kim Jong complied and didn’t fire even 1 single shot during tenure of President Donald Trump שליט”א:- of-course all these fellows trying to win the primary away fromPresident DonaldTrump שליט”א, are simply too immature & too inexperienced to comprehend this

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    why do you make that racist rapist like a Rebbe to you? Calling him Shlita? You worship a goy and you put a goy as a ruler over you.

  6. @Simcha770
    you fell for it!!
    like he really is a chosid of trump?!
    I was watching and waiting who’s gonna comment on his attention-in-waiting comment, and you fell for the trap!!
    anyway, delete the words shlita and he’s still right what he said about Trump, whether you like it or not!
    Yechi Hamelech (not 770)