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CATSKILLS: Abandoned Pines Hotel Destroyed in Massive Blaze

The once grandiose Pines Hotel, formerly a prominent establishment in the Catskill Mountains’ renowned “Borsht Belt,” was consumed by a massive blaze and destroyed, early Sunday morning. The abandoned hotel, located on Laural Avenue in South Fallsburg, has been closed since 1998 due to financial struggles and structural damage.

In recent years, the Pines Hotel, once a symbol of luxury and leisure, fell victim to financial hardships and structural deterioration, leading to its closure over two decades ago. Despite several attempts to revive the property, including proposals for residential development, ownership disputes and various challenges prevented any progress.

There were previously arson fires at the property, with homeless and drug users living at the property.

It was unknown what caused this blaze.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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