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Benefits of Podcasts for Learning 

Today speed is very crucial. Not just in case of cars but also individual life. Nobody has the time to wait and wants everything in life superfast. The students are the best example of this. From the 24 hours in a day every hour they are doing something new. In such a situation learning traditionally becomes very difficult for them. Technology has come to their save their back. Constantly for quite a few years now, technical advancements are working efficiently for the education sector.

The recent addition to the list is using podcasts in learning. Worldwide educators are slowly trying to implement the same in their tutoring service. even the online guides are also trying the same. You can check on about the details. The kids in fact are loving this new trend. Besides buying essays online they are also subscribing for this feature. 

Numerous educational institutions that have introduced podcasting into their curricula have noted success. This can be ascribed to the simplicity with which podcasts can be produced and consumed. Also, they have found that there are ways in which educational podcasts can improve students’ learning. The use of podcasts in education has many benefits. Let’s have a detailed look on them.

1. Available 24/7 – 

The mobility and convenience of education podcasts is one of their biggest benefits. The ability to download the episodes to a mobile enables the learner to easily access the learning resources.

Every student can opt for the  free podcast subscription apps. This will further simplify the procedure.. Once you have subscribed to the podcast, you will not required to download episodes separately. The new episodes get automatically added to the playlist of the respective podcast. This implies that no matter what the student is doing, they have their resources handy.

2. Private options – 

If educators want they can create private audio programs for their learners as well. this way the educator can give special inputs as per their students’ needs. In this case all the principles are just the same. The educators only have to send special link or password. Then pupils will be allowed access through the same. If you are an educator reading this blog here is how you can set up private podcasts.

As students you can access private episodes available with buying essay online service. You have to check their services. For example, check on and open the service tab to see if the podcast option is available.

3. Patience for listening 

Studies prove that learners have better focus on listening rather than reading and watching. This is true, for they always have their headphones plugged. This generation is more used to listening and it is time to make use of this habit.

It can be challenging to persuade students to read an article or watch a video for long. This is due to the fact that text and video require the student to pay close attention. Additionally,  they need to  sit still while concentrating on a single task. This is challenging. There are several challenges to distract them. 

However, podcasting can be done in time that would otherwise be wasted or along with another activity. With audio lessons they can learn something while travelling or exercising etc. This way students are much more likely to do the needful. The topic receives a lot of attention because they are already preoccupied with a task. 

Did you know that there is a history podcast that lasts for 3+ hours. This podcast is nothing but the host speaking about historical events. If this can hook students, estimate the power of podcasts.

4. Active Learning 

This calls for students creating such programs. The educators take initiative in case of their private podcasts. They can introduce the series where one student speaks on a topic for others. this podcast will remain among their classmates and will be a learning experience for them. This promotes engagement with the subject matter and gives candidates the opportunity to take charge of a portion of their education. They can make contributions, ask questions, and share knowledge with one another.

For example – Consider you are teaching Nervous System. This is a long chapter. In one episode you introduce the topic and then divide the other episodes between the students. divide the episodes based on each portion of the nervous system. Be 100% sure that this will result in better learning.

5. Lecture review 

You can utilise podcasting to easily record your current lectures. Students can now quickly access them, creating priceless study tools. The podcast can be used by  as a study aid or to prepare for future tests. Anyone who struggled to understand a subject in class is welcome to listen to this podcast. They are free to learn the material and comprehend the subject at their own pace. This is the logic why buy online essay platforms are introducing audio lessons in their service.

6. Compensating missed classes 

These days students miss their classes, because usually they are multitasking. This is true for high school, college and university students. most of them are either working part time or doing internship. At times they might be working on a project as well. Irrespective of the reason there are high chances that they miss class. But repeating the same thing for them in the class is wastage of time. This wastage can be avoided using podcasts. Once the lecture is recorded and given to the students, this problem does not exist anymore. 

This way educators can ensure that no student is lagging. This seems to be the easiest way to fill in the gap. There’s another side to the story. Due to several responsibilities educators have to skip their classes. But then the pressure of completing the syllabus is overwhelming. This can also be solved using audio lessons.

7. Consistent student experience 

Podcasts can be helpful for instructors to prove that they present a subject in efficient way. This is especially useful when the same course is taught over multiple sessions. With lecture recordings, the teacher can ensure that the curriculum is covered consistently, and that every student receives the same information and experience.

If needed the podcasts can be updated and then shared. This reduces the labour to half on the teachers’ part. Also receiving the same lecture, opens the students with cope to have discussions with their seniors. This altogether helps in A+ learning.

8. Tool of the disabled 

Though special schools are available for the special kids. It often makes them feel different and not inclusive. Worldwide educators are promoting inclusive learning and podcasts can ensure that to some extent. Visually impaired kids and even the students with certain psychological disorders will be benefited. The same podcasts shared can make them feel included to a huge extent. For the mentally disabled kids like dyslexic kids the podcasts can be calming as well. Podcasts can be just as helpful as traditional learning methods for individuals with visual disabilities. To some extent they can be even more helpful.

9. Helps language learning 

Language acquisition is one of the most prevalent applications of educational podcasting. Any podcast listener may locate a language specific podcast and use it to learn from it. This kind of educational podcast is frequently produced in a “bite-sized” format, with the idea that we will learn one phrase or even one word in each episode. These podcasts are extremely useful in the present date. And the best part is that students are engaging themselves in these podcasts. This is more common amongst the international students. 

End note 

Technology is making learning more interesting. Podcast actually is playing a significant role in the same. the students are enjoying this hassle-free learning process. They are enjoying doing their regular chore and also learning at the same time. Though still use of podcasts needs to be popularised educators are making real time efforts.

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