WATCH THIS: Boro Park Shomrim Chases Suspect Who Bludgeoned Victim In Violent Robbery


Boro Park Shomrim took down a violent criminal on Tuesday night, after the suspect bludgeoned a victim before robbing him at a train station.

The incident unfolded at the train station located at New Utrecht and 43rd Street, when the perp approached a man and hit him over the head with a metal wrench, knocking him unconscious and causing a severe head injury. The perp then robbed the man before fleeing.

A female bystander who watched the violent robbery take place began shouting for help, and her cries were heard by nearby Shomrim members, who immediately sprang into action.

Video from the scene shows multiple Chasidic men clad in black and white giving chase to the suspect before the footage ends. The suspect was ultimately caught by Shomrim at Fort Hamilton and 43rd Street, and promptly placed under arrest by the NYPD.

The victim was treated by EMS and transported to a local hospital for further treatment of his injuries.

YWN has learned that following the suspect’s arrest, the NYPD’s 62nd Precinct linked him to two similar violent robberies in NYC over the past two months.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Shkoyach Shomrim! וקוי ה׳ יחליפו כח … ירוצו ולא ייגעו ילכו ולא ייעפו. I imagine it’s quite a busy and physically exhausting job to be involved in something like this. B”H they are working to protect the yidden and make their neighborhoods safer for everyone.

  2. It would be interesting to know the immigration status of the Democrat “activist” who was arrested for robbing a man.

    Did he enter the US illegally (as an “oppressed migrant”) believing that he could commit violent crimes in Democrat districts against US citizens with little or no punishment?

  3. These Heiliggah Chassidim are my favorite whites!

    How many people would go chase after this little sheigitz. Even this nebach woman is just screaming not even chasing after him videoing. Us jews rock! I should give them an award and make them my guest of honors at my yeshiva dinner

  4. The perp looks to be an invitee of Mayor Adams to his wonderful paradise known as a sanctuary city. The perp will likely be sprung from custody quickly and bail free just in time for an asylum hearing.

  5. No, wait. The Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, has sanctimoniously lectured us, along with our first privileged white female Karen Governor Kathy Hochul, that all these so-called crimes ARE ONLY A PERCEPTION!!! If you disagree with his highness, you are a racist plantation owner.
    Interesting, that we are living in the year 2023 and the stinkin MTA have still not installed normal up to date cameras in every corner of every unmanned train station! Yup, just keep increasing the cost to ride a subway train and show NOTHING in return for it.