CLOSE CALL: 80-Year-Old Joe Biden Nearly Topples Down Air Force One Stairs [VIDEO]


President Biden had another close call on Tuesday, narrowly avoiding a fall while descending the steps of Air Force One at Detroit Metro Airport. This incident comes shortly after reports emerged suggesting his campaign team has been making concerted efforts to prevent the President from experiencing public missteps, especially during the election season.

The President, who celebrated his 80th birthday recently, was disembarking from the aircraft when he stumbled around the eighth step but managed to regain his balance without incident.

Earlier this year, the White House physician diagnosed the President with “significant spinal arthritis.” This condition has reportedly been a contributing factor to several similar episodes, sparking public debate about his age and his ability to effectively lead the nation.

To counter such incidents, Axios revealed that Biden’s advisors have recommended changes in his footwear, advocating for tennis shoes over more traditional options. This change was evident when Biden was seen sporting sneakers following a fall at the Air Force Academy in June. Additionally, he has transitioned to using a shorter stairway when boarding Air Force One, a move designed to reduce the risk of tripping.

Drew Contreras, a renowned physical therapist who previously worked with former President Barack Obama, has been assisting President Biden. Contreras suggested several exercises aimed at enhancing Biden’s overall balance.

Public perception of Biden’s fitness for the presidency has been a topic of significant discussion, given these incidents. A recent Associated Press poll highlighted that 77% of respondents believed Biden might be too old to carry out his duties effectively for another term. This sentiment was shared by 89% of Republican respondents and 69% of Democrats. Concurrently, a poll from the Washington Post and ABC News indicated a desire among 60% of Democrats for a different 2024 nominee.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Why not a fitness test for Rabbeim? If they can’t do stairs, retirement village here they come! Everybody knows that if you can’t do stairs, you shouldn’t lead. Front page, leading story in the world; the gentlemen ALMOST fell on the stairs. Nothing anywhere else in the world is more pressing news than this. Not the impending Saudi deal. Not the Trump guilty verdict from New York. The Democrat almost fell down, reported will glee by the YeshivaWorld. Always a chilul Hashem on the front page.

  2. He made two mishaps in the second clip, not just one. First, he lost balance and slid down a couple of steps before catching his balance. Second, he greeted just the first person on the welcoming committee and started walking towards the car before someone told him to greet the entire delegation that awaited him.
    Americans are increasingly realizing that Biden’s cognition is compromised and it’s quite likely that he will be dumped. The question remains – in favor of who? Certainly not Kamala Harris, who hasn’t gained much public respect. The Michelle Obama idea is scary. Better Slow Joe than a woke, anti-American candidate like Michelle.

  3. Oh wow, looks like he broke a few bones. Really horrible, what a fall, there should be a warning for this kind of graphic imagery. He must’ve twisted his ankle or dislocated his neck. Sheesh, I wonder if he’ll recover. At his age that kind of “almost topple” could be fatal. Does anybody screen these posts before they’re made?

  4. it’s not about that it can happen to others as well, rather more so that this guy literally trips over his nose,
    has to have;
    special trainers-not regular shoes,
    special steps going down from a plane,
    special training running up to election,
    all to prevent embarrassing stunts by this dementia plagued zombie.
    No, we don’t wish it to make fun on elderly people that unfortunately have this condition, but when he’s the President and ardently denies the obvious, THAN PEOPLE WILL POKE FUN AT YOU.