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Russia Says It Foiled ISIS Plot To Attack Moscow Synagogue, Killed 2 Terrorists In Raid [VIDEO]

Russian security forces carrying out a raid uncovered a large cache of weapons and killed members of an Islamic State cell accused of planning to attack a Moscow synagogue. According to Russia’s TASS News agency, “firearms, ammunition, as well as components for the manufacture of an improvised explosive device were found and seized.”

The Russian security agency FSB stated that the ISIS cell was based in Kaluga, southwest of Moscow, and that the members were killed when they put up resistance. State media reports showed an FSB video appearing to show two dead bodies inside a house, alongside guns, ammunition, and knives found during the search.

The FSB did not disclose how many people were killed in the operation, but stated that the fighters were members of the Afghan branch of Islamic State, without revealing their citizenship.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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