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Republican Jewish Coalition Launches Record-Breaking Fundraising Effort to Support Trump’s Presidential Bid

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) has announced its largest-ever fundraising and expenditure effort to support former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, committing to raise a minimum of $5 million to help elect him in the November White House rematch against President Biden.

“This will be the RJC’s largest effort ever to mobilize support in the Jewish community for President Trump,” Sam Markstein, RJC national political director, told Fox News.

Markstein noted that the RJC’s efforts are “in addition to our $15 million independent expenditure,” which he characterized as the largest independent expenditure in the organization’s history.

The announcement comes as polls suggest that Republicans are nearly entirely united in opposition to the protests, with 80% of Republicans surveyed in a new Fox News national poll saying they opposed the demonstrations, compared to just 15% who supported them. Half of Democrats surveyed said they supported the demonstrations, with 41% opposed.

“As antisemitism spikes to record highs and America’s relationship with our ally Israel continues to reach new lows, the Jewish community is more energized than ever to turn the page from the failures, broken promises, and betrayals by Joe Biden. November 5 cannot come soon enough,” Markstein argued.

J-Street, a “pro-Israel” leftist organization that is somehow never aligned with Israel’s interests, commented on the RJC’s announcement, calling it “a shanda in every sense of the word.”

“In order to fight antisemitism, the RJC is pulling out all the stops to support a man who called Nazis in Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People.’ Trump’s MAGA movement is an imminent danger to American Jews and must be stopped,” J-Street said.

The RJC responded by writing, “The only shanda is anti-Israel J-Street pretending to care about Israel or the Jewish community. P.S. here’s your President and founder Jeremy Ben-Ami kissing a man who pays terrorists to murder Israelis and Americans. You’re a disgrace.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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