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Cerebrum IQ Reviews: How Can You Find out Your IQ and Improve Your Essential Cognitive Skills?

You might have already heard about the new phenomenon that is sweeping the cognitive testing world. If not, it’s time to get on board. Cerebrum IQ is a new program that will not only give you an accurate and detailed idea of where you stand on the IQ spectrum, but also teach you how to move up.

The genius of Cerebrum IQ lies in its ability to cut through the noise of standard tests. Many tests rely too heavily on cultural or other outside factors that tend to cloud results in a blanket of irrelevant material. Cerebrum IQ gets right at the heart of what cognitive functions are all about. Let’s investigate how.

Isolating essential functions

The task of determining IQ levels across demographic groups is a great one, indeed. How can you really get at the heart of what an IQ indicates? Are tests biased? Should they be different for people in different areas?

All of these are legitimate – and important – questions. And the amazing thing about Cerebrum IQ is that it is an IQ test online that addresses all of them. People are fundamentally the same at the end of the day, so truly effective measures of cognitive ability are essential for getting at the crux of human capacity in general.

How does Cerebrum IQ accomplish this? First of all, it isolates specific types of functions and assesses test takers’ fundamental abilities to process information. Cerebrum IQ designates five specific areas of cognitive ability:


One of the critical aspects of cognitive functioning is your ability to see something and react quickly. The Cerebrum IQ test assesses how much time it takes you to respond to visual stimuli.


Having a good memory is, of course, an important part of processing information because without the ability to remember things, you can’t put them together effectively. Cerebrum IQ analyzes people’s ability to retain information.


In order to have a high IQ, you need to be able to not only recognize and retain information, but also figure things out. The Cerebrum IQ test will provide you with gradually increasing levels of difficulty in assessing your logic capability.


To make it through a complex problem or series of problems, concentration is essential. With the Cerebrum IQ test, you will be challenged on how long you can concentrate without allowing your attention to wander.


You may have strong logic skills, but how quickly can you utilize them? This is another essential component of a person’s IQ. Cerebrum IQ has a method of both determining and building upon the speed of your problem-solving abilities. 

Test structure

To make your way through the test, you will be presented with a series of puzzles that will challenge all of the above-mentioned functions. Each question has six possible answers, and you can go back and forth between questions until you finish the test. You can take the test multiple times as you progress in your different skill areas and see how much you can improve each time.

Improving your score

The big question that many people have, of course, is “How can I raise my IQ?” Well, Cerebrum IQ provides an answer to this. Depending on the number and composition of your results, the program provides you with activities and interactive games that allow you to target specific cognitive areas. In the process of going through these activities regularly, you can hone particular skills and gradually improve your score.

And the great thing about Cerebrum IQ is that activities are fun and engaging. Regardless of your age, there are age-appropriate exercises and games that can challenge you and help improve your cognitive skills in different ways. No other program is as successful at doing this across age groups, national boundaries, and other demographic characteristics. 

Public reaction

People are going nuts for this program. Revolutionary in its approach, people are finding that their numbers are improving dramatically through this targeted, interactive method. Some users say that they make it part of their daily routine. Physical exercise and mental exercise go together.

Others have remarked about their ability to raise their scores even at advanced ages. IQs aren’t fixed by the time you turn 18, it turns out. You can really bring them up if you set your mind to it.

The trick is to work on the exercises regularly and keep close track of your progress. Like any targeted effort, you will only truly improve if you really set your mind to it and make a consistent effort. And you should pay attention to the specific areas that you need to improve upon. The beauty of Cerebrum IQ is that it breaks apart each of the cognitive areas and illustrates where your weaker spots are. Putting disproportionate effort where it is needed is key.

Try it out today!

Let’s face it: Everyone would like to increase their IQ. No matter how gifted you are, each of us would like to take it up a notch if we can.

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