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HATE IN JACKSON: Jewish Children Receive Chilling Death Threat While Riding Their Bikes

Two young Jewish boys, ages 5 and 6, received a chilling death threat from an older youth – who threatened to “kill them and their mom” –  while innocently riding their bikes in the Jackson 21 development. The boys, understandably shaken, fled the scene and recounted the horrific incident to their parents.

The parents, determined to address the situation, confronted the parents of the child who made the threats. Shockingly, they admitted that their child had indeed made such threats, and blamed it on the influx of Jewish families moving into the area.

This disturbing incident is not an isolated one; Jewish residents of Jackson 21 have reported numerous instances of harassment since the development began.

The root of the problem, according to residents, lies with investors who purchase homes as rentals, without properly vetting their tenants. These tenants often engage in disruptive behavior, including drug use and harassment of their neighbors. The thriving community is now plagued by a growing sense of unease and danger, and the noted problems have made it less attractive to prospective upstanding homeowners.

Residents are placing blame squarely on the investors who prioritize profits over people. “They are destroying this place for the sake of lining their own pockets,” one resident said.

Pressure is now mounting on the HOA to implement new rules requiring homebuyers to occupy their properties, rather than renting them out to potentially troublesome tenants.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

5 Responses

  1. We could blame it on the investors ruining the neighborhood by renting to “Unsavory characters”
    We could blame it on fear of what Yidden turned Lakewood into worried that’ll happen here.
    Or We can blame it on “Antisemitism”
    Being that we are the greatest & best people in the world (a school lent out their auditorium to a fellow Jewish school whose A/C broke for a historic “Mi Kaamcha Yisroel” moment) who never do anything to cause the animosity, it must be these people are Antisemites.

  2. Kuvult,

    You are absolutely correct. It is only right, proper, and normal for people to make death threats to little children when (possibly) somewhat provoked. It is clearly our fault.

  3. Kuvult,

    Blaming the victim is the most basic form of bigotry.

    The HOA should expel that hateful, unapologetic family, and threaten to do so to other uncivilized people.

    You cannot discriminate against renters. Would you like it if the neighborhood says “Renters cannot live here”?
    That’s the wrong approach….

  4. “Pressure is now mounting on the HOA to implement new rules requiring homebuyers to occupy their properties, rather than renting them out”

    Is this even legal?

  5. Kuvult:
    Your problems with Judaism aren’t relevant to this story. Jewish kids (whose parents obviously live there, as opposed to having parents who rent out their house there), are of no cause for concern to the gentiles there. Therefore, in addition to being kids, they are also unrelated to the landlords there. Your claiming to justify their harassment despite this indicates that you aren’t being rational, at best.

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