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Update On MVA Involving Yosef Chanina ben Sorah Sima

sfpd.jpgOn August 26, YWN posted an urgent Tehillim alert (HERE) for a young Lakewood couple who were involved in a serious MVA outside of Los Angeles. The wife was B”H not injured, but the husband was flown by chopper to Modesto with serious injuries. The following is a letter written to YWN by the father of the Yungerman:

Dear YWN,

I am Yoseph Chanina’s father, and the following is the latest update: The surgeries on his neck and hand were B”H successful. He is B”H kain ayin hora walking under his own power, has complete control of his extremities, and his mind and personality emerged from this near catastrophe completely intact!

He was discharged from the hospital this past Thursday afternoon, and we all rested in a hotel in Modesto Thursday night before proceeding to a Chabad House of nearby Stockton, CA for Shabbos.

B”H we all returned from SFO to JFK on Sunday evening at around 10:00PM, and the young couple is convalescing in Yoseph Chanina’s parent’s home in Brooklyn until at least after Shabbos. He will still need rest, PT/OT and possible follow-up procedures on his left hand but is tehila l’rofeh cholei ahmo yisborach out of sakonas nefoshos!

The families of Yoseph Chanina and his wife thank the hundreds of people who held the choleh in their hearts and tefillos. We were Zoche to tremendous Chasdei HaShem.

We express our “not-repayable Hakoras Hatov” to the Rofeh Cholei Ahmo Yisborach and the surgeons, Dr. Benjamin Remington and Doctor Paul Caviale and nursing staff of Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, to Rabbi Heshy Ten and his staff of Bikur Cholim of California (Los Angeles), Rabbi and Rebitzen Avremel Brod of Chabad of Stockton, Dr. and Mrs. David Lyon and Dr. Nurith Yael Eisenmann of Modesto along with numerous friends and askanim on the East and West Coasts for their indispensable advice, guidance support and Mesiras Nefesh in this most trying of times.

We can never repay you, but Yehi Maskurt’chem Shlaimah Mea-ais HaShem.

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  1. Wow BH, after all the tragic stories we have read here, it’s BH a nachas ruach to read that he came out of this with minimal damage if at all iyh. Yosef Chanina ben Sora Sima may the New Year bring much joy and happiness and good health to your whole family.

  2. Mamash a Gevald !! B”H!! Ah Ness Galuy.
    How nice of the father to update the info and keep the public informed. Look at the appreciation he expressed to Klal Yisrael.
    Nice going Tatty & Mommy.

  3. Under the almost-worst of circumstances my wife and I had the honor of meeting this wonderful young couple and their fathers. HaKad’sh Baruchu gave us the opportunity to do Bikur Cholim for fellow Jews we didn’t even know and the great honor of doing the Mitzvah to help them through this most trying of times.

    We were overjoyed at the success of the operations (I will always remember the dancing in the surgical waiting room when the final report came that he was awakening from anesthesia and, Baruch Hashem, wiggling all his fingers and toes), and watching his Aliyah just 4 days later on Shabbat (sorry, no Hagbah for a while!)

    There were two hilarious moments to all of this: While we were waiting in the surgical waiting room, an Amish-looking man with a beard and hat waiting for his family member in surgery came up to the Yungerman’s father with his beard and Kippah to strike up a conversation and said, “Us weird-looking guys have to stick together!”

    The other funny moment was when Yosef Chanina ben Sora Sima showed up for Erev Shabbos Kiddush wearing the following high fashion items: his light blue scrub pants, white shirt hanging out all around, hard collar around his neck, and (are you ready for this?) a TIE!! His father and I could not stop laughing!!

    My family wishes Yosef Chanina ben Sora Sima and his wonderful wife R’fuah Shlema and again thank Hashem for bringing them into our lives.

    L’Shana Tova Tichatevu v’Tichatemu!

  4. By the way, the ambulance shown in the picture should be that of the ambulance company whose paramedics did such a fabulous job of immobilizing the Yungerman’s neck and head after the accident, thus preserving his neurologic function and his life.

    The police shoulder patch should be that of the CHP (California Highway Patrol) that helped with the rescue, and of the lifeflight helicopter service of Doctor’s Medical Center, Modesto.

  5. as a close friend of Yosef Chanina ben Sora Sima from camp i wanted to be mivaker chola, so if any one can provide me with the how and where and when and stam if he up to it id b ever grateful!

  6. Comment #7

    Chanina and his Mrs. nedd a lot of R&R and,of course, your continued tefilos! They will be shuttling back and forth between Lakewood, manhattan and Brooklyn over the next several weeks/months. he is REALLY not up to a lot of Bikur Cholim just yet, and in cases like this “k’shem shem’kablin s’khar ahl hadrisha kach m’kablin s’char ahl haprisha”. i suggest you continue to leave wishe and/or questions here and they will be relayed to him.

    Chanina’s father.

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