VIDEO: Simcha Felder’s Concession Speech


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01.jpg(EXCLUSIVE VIDEO LINK AT END OF ARTICLE) As was announced last night on YWN, Simcha Felder lost the race for Kevin Parker’s current seat in the NYS Senate. Felder’s two-term limit as NYC Councilman is ending, and was hoping to land himself in Parker’s seat.

Surprisingly, sources tell YWN that the numbers show that the Frum community did make an effort to vote, and can very well be considered as record numbers for the Frum vote in the Boro Park area.

Upon seeing Simcha Felder enter the restaurant, Jewish Radio DJ Nachum Segal and the guests gathered all began clapping and cheering for him – to which Simcha humorously said “your not supposed to be clapping at a wake”.

Simcha’s eight minute speech was riddled with humor, and tried to uplift the “down” crowd.

He spoke about his future aspirations, by saying “I can’t discuss them publicly yet, and I like to keep reporters in suspense, so I won’t tell you what I’m running for next.”

YWN would like to wish our dear friend Simcha Felder the best of luck in all his future endeavours!

VIDEO LINK: Click HERE to watch the video.


  1. Simcha,
    If you read this, you ran a fantastic campaign. The likes of which have never been seen in the frum community before. It was just not bashert. Best of luck I am sure you will land on your feet.

  2. i hope you will publish this
    i voted not for simcha because
    i believe he was not the best choice and i dont like being told that without him moisdos will suffer
    i believe in voting for who i believe is the best man and unfortunately parker was a much better candiddate for me then simcha
    and i am allowed to have my choice

  3. number 6: You have the right to choose whom to vote for. However, there is no need to publicize with glee that you went against the K’lall, which is not something to be proud of.
    BTW: with your English and grammar abilities, it’s no surprise you made a foolish choice.

    Good luck in choosing in November

  4. dear number eight

    i guess ill be more carefull with my grammer. This was not against the klall i went with what my personal opinion was. i do not ever want to have a candidate who is worried about pigieon safety , raising my tolls and being the mayors schick yingel and then get told by rabbis vote for him because he enriches us. he did not enrich me or help me and that is how i vote

  5. the truth hurts
    is just an ignorant fool. explain how Mr Parker has enriched your life. you must be a follower of that fool Dov Hikind. Felder has done more for the area that he represents then anyone else has done ever. sometime to get things done you need to work with the Mayor.

  6. #8 your response was uncalled for.
    #6 is allowed to vote for whomever, he/she chooses. And NOT voting for Simcha, does NOT go against the Klal.
    While you might be under the assumption that all frum ppl voted for him (bec. HE is frum) I actually know of MANY people who chose NOT to vote for him bec. they didn’t think he’s the best candidate.

    Its ok for people to use their own minds and not blindly follow the crowd, which is what too many people seem to be doing.

    P.S. According to you its ok to insult s/t bec. of their grammar but not ok to speak their minds?