Deri Assures Non-Frum: You Can Rest Easy


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deri2.jpgJerusalem mayoral candidate Rabbi Aryeh Deri, a former senior minister and Shas Party leader, has released statements that he intends to run in the mayoral race if the legalities involved do not prevent him from doing so. Deri told the press that his record is testimony that “Chilonim can rest easy,” assuring the people that if elected, he will continue in his path of moderation, and he will be a mayor true to all voters, chareidi and otherwise, including Arabs and ‘chilonim’.

Deri in the past enjoyed widespread support among Arab voters, having done much for the Arab sector during his years in the Interior Ministry. He also enjoys a significant support base among Jerusalem’s Dati Leumi sector, and he is confident that if permitted to run, the non-frum will also judge him by his past performance, serving all the people, not just chareidim.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. His past conduct makes him into a serious threat to all the non-frum. The nationalists blame him for Oslo, and for supporting the idea that Israel could make peace with the goyim. The hilonim are afraid of him since he is both Sefardi and Hareidi, and rather than want patronage for his supporters, he wants to run things. He implicity threatens the other religious politicians since he is upsetting the status quo by offering an alternative to the secular elites ruling Israel, rather than merely offering a way to make the hiloni regime more tolerable. No Yid has so threated the powers that be in Eretz Yisrael since Jacob Israel De Haan, over 80 years ago, and they were forced to do more than arrest him on trumped up charges and launch a campaign of defamation against him.

  2. #1: He has been siting in Kollel all day, completely disinvolved in politics, since being released from jail almost 6 years ago. Melechet hakodesh??

    #2: Relax….Let Deri take care of business. Its great watching everyone get nervous about him. Especially the Ashkenaz charedim. Remember ashkenazim, Rav Shach ztl selected him to run Shas! Porush will not win! Why not just rally behind Deri? If Deri has shown anyting in the past its that he has a tremendous amount of Kavod HaTorah. Give him a chance!