UPDATED – Yeshiva Bochur Assaulted in Lakewood


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YW-Lkwd Assault-013.jpg11:00PM EST:  [VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS AT END OF ARTICLE] A Yeshiva Bochur in Lakewood was just assaulted, sources tell YWN.

The approximately 18-year-old Bochur from Yeshiva Toras Chaim (Rabbi Slomowitz’s Yeshiva) was assaulted in the area of 950 Ridge Avenue. Lakewood Hatzolah is on the scene and have requested Paramedics to respond for a serious head injury. According to initial reports he was reportedly mugged and then assaulted, although this can’t be confirmed at this time.

Numerous Lakewood PD Units and the Lakewood Civilian Watch are on the scene as well.

UPDATE: LCSW tells Yeshiva World that this assault appears to have been a strong armed robbery – with the perpetrator making off with $150. As of this time Detectives from the LPD don’t have any strong leads.

YWN has also learned that Detectives have spoken with residents from a house across the street which they feel might be involved. Additionally, a photos of one of the people in that house was taken to show to the Bochur to see if he can make a positive ID on him.

Lakewood’s Civilian Watch has stepped up patrols in that area since tonight’s brutal assault. Sources tell YWN that there has also been 3 break-ins in that same area this past Shabbos. LCSW reminds all members of the community to lock their car doors and house doors; as most perpetrators are looking for unlocked doors, and easy access.

UPDATE: YWN is being informed that the Bochur is in stable condition at the Jersey Shore Trauma Center YWN is being informed that the Bochur is in stable condition at the Jersey Shore Trauma CenterVIDEO & PHOTO LINKS: Click HERE for video, and HERE for photos taken by YWN-41.(YW-41 / YW-50 / YWN Lakewood News Desk)


  1. I live on Gefen right behind the yeshiva. The assault happened right in front of Toras Chaim (Slomowitz) Yeshiva, the bochur staggered back towards the building covered in blood. A member of Chaveirim saw him keel over and stopped to call Hatzolah. The street is full of police, Hatolah, Shomrim, and every askan and every other kollel guy.

  2. hello everyone wake up and smell the coffe this is crazy nebuch so many incidents in lakewood alone its elul raboisay we need to do tshuva and b’h our shomrim staff was on scene

  3. I live in the neighborhood. There is a gang house diagonally across the street from the yeshiva. They play loud music, sell drugs to passer-bys, and lately have been spray painting horrible things on people’s fences. This house of course is owned by TWO UPSTANDING FRUM YIDDEN, pillars of the community (who probably have no trouble getting their kids into school). They are well aware of this problem and have turned a blind eye, leaving a whole Jewish neighborhood in peril. I wonder if the perpetrators came from here.

  4. i wonder if this had anything to do with the illegal car and bike parade of mexicans tonight who were blaring their horns all night all over town in the negba ridge area. The police were helpless due to the large number and could not get them under control.

  5. Enough with the Shomrim and the Lakewood civilian watch and the police. Stop saying Kochem v’oizem yodie. It’s a bad neighborhood and R. Slomvits shouldn’t allow his bochurim outside alone or even 2 or 3 bochurim by themselves esp. at night. Unless some of you machers want to stay up all night watching them walk back and forth- in front.
    But if you did that, you wouldn’t be somewhere else to watch there, and half the frum community lives in a bad neighborhood.


  7. I passed by when there was only one hatzalah member and as I was driving on ridge some vilda chaya in a white corvett type of car came out of the driveway from across the street. I wonder if he had something to do with this story.

  8. As a member of the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch I ask please join tday as a DEDICATED member. There is only so much we can do with a limited number of volunteers. To those that say on this or other sites to stop the “koichi V’oitzem Yadi”. Sorry there is something called hishtadlus-Hashem will do the REST. Thank You.

  9. I would just like to thank the L.P.D. for their dedication to this town. While we may all at times get upset about different items as a whole they try their hardest to protect this community. Don’t be shocked if an arrest is made in the not to distant future. While only Hash-m can afford us true security we must be vigilant. As a matter of fact I saw civilian patrol (who was not Jewish yet protecting our neighborhoods nonetheless as we do theirs) that evening in a different neighborhood.
    Put the fingers down and stop pointing them at the Roshei Yeshivah or the public who hasnt done t’shuvah…. lets all just daven A Gut Yur

  10. As someone who has applied to be a member of the patrol and indicated that I am available at least twice a month, why six months later have I yet to be called?

  11. i’m very disturbed by all you Frum Yidden pointing fingers and wanting to publicly humiliate the owners of that house. I’d bet BIG money no one here knows the real story behind that so quite judging and if you want to do some thing about it do it in a mentchlich way. (especially whenyou dont have the facts.) so stop playing detectives from behind your computer screen, look in the mirror and figure out what you can fix in yourself that will help better our situation!

  12. The issue of “frum” people renting their homes to shady tenants is again raised in these comments. We won’t know if the perpetrators of this heinous crime are tenants of a heimishe landlord, prior to the outcome of a successful investigation. Nevertheless since the subject is again brought up, this is a good opportunity to focus on solutions. Having said that, may I propose a solution to this problem that would solve two other issues as well. Do the state of the economy anyone reading this here knows that the local real estate market is not excluded from the crises. Many Lakewood landlords are finding that there properties are worth far less than the amount of their mortgages on these properties. In addition the rents (if rented at all) are not covering the monthly mortgage payments. On another note there is a need for affordable rentals for the yeshiva oilam. My proposal is that a vaad be set up to get investors that would buy these properties short from the mortgage holder, the amount of possible short sales is generously discounted and would allow for some renovations and the ability for lower rent. These homes that hinder a better quality of life in many neighborhoods would now turn in to the catalyst that will propel the betterment and safety of the entire community. Just a thought….you never know!

  13. Rentals should come down for the frum oilam as it can solve many issues, primarily the cost involved in supporting children etc.!! but As long as BMG is the leader in the rental market – charging rent that is astronomous, and not at all in sync with helping a yungerman “make” it – all with the excuse of doing “business” in order to provide $80 a week (after 4.5 years) NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL THE “LEADERS” change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. no they should not take down the pictures they will bring evidence to the world that this rasha ignores the crys of the neighborhood to get rid of the animals whom he allows to live in HIS HOME WHO HE OWNS whats he waiting for another few disasters rachmanus lan. take heed

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  15. of course they shouldn’t take down the pictures! they really bring home just what happened here. What if it was the kid of the landlord? Would he sit back and let the lowlifes stay in his home. Well, isn’t all of Klal Yisroel’s kids ours?

  16. The communities that organize and are vigliant show a dramatic decrease in crime. It is a process and doesn’t take overnight. I urge the community to join the LCSW and the criminals will slowly learn that there is a rapid response among the frum community. The police can only be at one place at a time. It takes a joint partnership between the community and law enforcement to make a difference. The more organized and professional the LCSW becomes the more the community and law enforcement will respect and utilize this resource. Only together will you be able to prevent future assualts and crime.

  17. how dare all the people that comment that they shouldn’t publicize the landlords name or house number how dare you say anything till your in our shoes waking up at 4 in the morn to shreiking music cars making short stops graffiti on gates and nothing buy a terror scene how bout you look in the mirror and see all that don’t talk oif yenems cheshbon and we all know the real story there is money involved so what to have a few more disasters thats better??

  18. how did a terrible attack on an innocent boy become an outpouring of rage and accusations? i’m sure all the loshon hora, false accusations, and other divrei ra that are posted here are not doing anything to help him.
    a perek of tehilim will.
    don’t use him as an excuse to spread your loshon hora (and lies) and agendas. it’s outrageous.
    and i happen to know the family and they’re very upset that the pictures are up.

  19. why are you turning this into your own personal agenda? do something useful for him. say a perek of tehillim. but don’t add to the tragedy by speaking loshon hara, richilus, and hating another yid b4 even hearing if a rumor someone heard is even true!
    everyone’s so anxious to jump to arms! did anybody verify anything? did anybody ask the boy what he thinks? you’re losing sight and just spewing and you’re not helping him at all. don’t take this tragic attack and make it worse by using it as a vessel for you own personal hang ups/issues and saying loshon hara… making up stuff… all bec of your outrage for this poor boy. he doesn’t want it or need it.
    and i know his family very well and they were extremely upset about the pictures

  20. Can anyone explain why a bochur should be allowed by the yeshiva to roam the streets after 11pm alone??? Why is there no curfew or lock down of the dorms? Where is the shmira that parents trust the yeshiva is providing? Let’s not be foolish into thinking that we don’t need to take safety precautions because it’s up to the frum landlords or police to make the streets safe. Every community in the world has there fair share of crime; Lakewood is no exception. Be smart.

  21. In response to #40,

    Before questioning the Yeshiva and parents regarding safety you should know the facts where this took place. The boy was not “roaming the streets”. It took place right near the Yeshiva building. Also, before 11pm the Bais Medrash is still going strong as boys continue learning after night seder. There is no lockdown possible while the boys are still learning. This did not happen at 2:30 am and it did not happen in a secluded area. It happened right near the Yeshiva while many boys were still learning in the B”M. Furthermore, this is not exactly Harlem. It is a pretty quiet residential area of town. The hoodlums were driving by the Yeshiva and decided to have some “fun”.I don’t think there is a safety or hashgacha issue in this situation.

  22. Brisker: I am fmailiar with the area and know that one side of 7th street are frum developments and the other side are “undesireables”. #8 above even said there is a gang house across the street from the Yeshiva. I am not Chas V’Sholom blaming the Yeshiva or parents; only the criminals are at fault for the crime. I am suggesting that we take necessary precautions which I understand may be inconvenient. So what???!!!! We all know that as frum yidden we are easy targets just by the way we look. All Yeshivas should have a curfew, safety rules when leaving the Yeshiva premises, and a lockdown-dorms cannot be left unlocked all night long (I know this is happening from personal experience).

  23. I second the motion of EVERY JEW A 22!!!
    do your hishtadlus and get yourself a permit!!!
    Learn how to use one and buy one for yourself!!
    a)its your constitutional right (if not, why do many senators and congressmen own and have a right-to-carry permit?)
    b)protect your children!!!
    c)bring down crime–if you might be carrying they wont attact you…
    d)its your hishtadlus!!

    Once they know we are not armed- they will attact us even more!! Protect yourself!!!