Palin, Other Politicians Disinvited From UN Rally


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un.jpgWCBSTV reports: Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and all other politicians have been disinvited from an anti-Iran rally outside the United Nations next week, CBS 2 has learned. The development comes after Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton canceled her appearance on Tuesday.

Clinton decided to nix her plan to attend the rally after organizers blindsided her by inviting Palin, aides to the senator said Tuesday.

Several American Jewish groups are planning the major rally outside the United Nations on Sept. 22 to protest against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Organizers had initially promoted on Tuesday that both Clinton, who nearly won the Democratic nomination for president, and Palin, Republican candidate John McCain’s running mate, were expected to attend.

That would have set up a closely scrutinized and potentially explosive pairing in the midst of a presidential campaign, one in which the New York senator is campaigning for Democratic nominee Barack Obama while Palin actively courts disappointed Clinton supporters.

Clinton aides were furious. They first learned of the plan to have both Clinton and Palin appear when informed by reporters.

A McCain-Palin campaign official, speaking on condition of anonymity because Palin’s schedule for Monday has not been announced, said only that Palin had tentatively planned to attend the rally.

Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, did not immediately return messages Tuesday seeking comment, nor did other organizers of the rally. Other event sponsors are the National Coalition to Stop Iran Now, United Jewish Communities and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York.



  1. What a pity. If they don’t want Palin coming, then I won’t bother either. Her presence would have added a lot more to the event’s impact than would mine, but the organisers obviously don’t care.

  2. Who “dis-invited” them? Does that mean there will be no protest rally? or will it go 0n as schduled? Just because a ‘me’chasheifa” barks,does the public have to runaway?? HOMON MUST BE ERADICATED!!

  3. If it walks like a duck & quacks like a duck it must be a………


    No doubt Clinton fingerprints are on this one. But that’s ok bec now Mrs. Palin could be on the campaign trail which is better anyway.

  4. Why do we always have to back down because Hillary yells. Let her yell. If Jewish organizations don’t always back down–i.e., if she would have seen that Palin was coming anyhow, Hillary’s bluff would have been called.

    You invited both to be even handed.

  5. These people are clearly controlled by that machsheifa named Hillary Rotten Clinton. They should be embarrassed! You have more people listening to Keith Olberman than at this rally.

  6. Protest rallies are meaningless forum’s for political ads and empty promises.
    That’s the truth in one sentence. The rally will effect nothing nor will palins appearance or the lack there of.

  7. “All politicians have been disinvited” I’m going just to see all the non politicians there.
    Also, is daas Torah behind this rally? Please answer maturely if you have any info.
    Why is it on a monday afternoon?! I actually work then and can’t make it. At least make it bein hasedorim! Just kidding.
    May hashem be shomer acheinu bnai yisroel mikul ra.
    Is this rally good or bad for the market.

  8. What a sad day . Malcolm Hoenline has the backbone of macaroni. The President’s Conference has turned out to be another wasteful vapid Jewish organization which is totally beholden to the left. it is time for all Orthodox organizations to pull out of the PC now!

  9. z:
    Tell that to the Neturei Karta whackos who demonstrated enough that the world took notice and they achieved infamy. We don’t need infamy but just to show those Jews for Mohammed that we oppose AhMADinejad is reason enough.

  10. What a shame! The president’s conference folded like a cheap camera to Hillary’s blatant selfishness and intolerance.
    She throws a hissy fit, so the do an avla to a mentch and disinvite Sara Palin?
    Words cannot describe how low that is.
    If they are too scared to take on Hillary, then I don’t see how they have the backbone to take on the hitler of our day.

  11. First of all, i would like Gov. Palin’s e-ml address so that I could send her an e-mail apologizing for the pathetic way she was treated. it was a chillul Hashem. What must she be thinking about the Jewish community at this, practically her first dealing with the community.

    Secondly, we should not lose sight of the purpose of the rally–to focus attention on the Amalek of our time. Not to go to the rally because of the mistreatment of Sarah Palin would cut off our noses to spite our face.

    Thirdly, the dastardly Clinton didn’t embarrass the Jewish community–she embarrassed herself & her party. I long since left the Democratic party, but any Democrat should be ashamed of her baby-ish, spoiled-brat, partisan-politics contemptible behavior.

    Finally, it goes without saying we should increase our Tshuva, Tfilla, & Tzedaka.

  12. Brooklynbubby, I found her website by Googling her name & I already sent her an email. Glad to hear I’m not alone…she should be flooded with support & we should express our disgust. After all, she’ll be the next VP of the USA!!!

  13. So the Democratic presidential candidate will sit down with Ahmadinejad, with no preconditions, but he does have standards. For his proxy to sit down (or even appear next to) the Republican vice presidential candidates is completely unacceptable.

  14. The rally is always held at noon, since thousands of Jews working in the city can participate during a lunch break. Rallies always accomplish a personal goal, that you as an individual put in effort for the survival of klal yisroel, it enhances your ahavas yisroel
    Will it help or not? That depends on the divine plan, absence from the rally shows the world that Jewish blood is cheap and quite negociable.