MTA Wants To Collect Tolls From Emergency Services Vehicles, Including Hatzolah Ambulances


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fhvac.jpgAs the MTA seeks any possible source of revenue, it has made a controversial suggestion: The agency wants emergency services vehicles to pay tolls when going over MTA bridge and tunnel crossings. The proposed plan would apply to firefighters, police, and volunteer ambulance services such as Hatzolah responding to emergencies or calls to service.

Currently, those city departments are using about 11,000 free E-ZPass tags, and volunteer services such as Hatzolah are using and additional – albeit less significant – amount, so if the MTA gets its way, it would collect tolls for an approximate 300,000 additional crossings each year.

A spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg’s office called the proposal, “an underhanded attempt to increase the city’s already large subsidy of the MTA by charging the city for responding to emergencies or performing other essential services.”

(Eli Gefen – YWN Queens Ops’ Desk)


  1. Why stop here? We should also tow away emergency vehicles if they are double-parked, and require them to have fully paid parking meters. Oh, and the whole “going-through-red-lights” thing? Sounds like a great opportunity for reckless driving ticket revenue.

  2. Everyone should pack the room and protest, we should all go to the meeting and shout our heads off, this is a matter of life and death.They should not get away with this, we have to do everything in our power to stop this new law.

  3. We should get the names, addresses & phone numbers of the top brass at the MTA; when one of them has an emergency requirement, inform them they must pay UP FRONT for service AND tolls. Perhaps we should e-mail them an advance notice, so they can plan to have their problem in some other territory!