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NY Health Officials Order Parkway Hospital Shutdown

parkway.jpgThe New York state Department of Health is denying a Queens hospital’s request to continue operating as a health care facility.

Parkway Hospital was ordered to close by a commission put together by former Gov. George Pataki. The so-called Berger Commission recommended closing nine hospitals, restructuring 50 more and cutting nearly 3,000 nursing home beds.

The plan was to reduce Medicaid costs.

Parkway was first ordered to close by June 30, but was given an extension to Sept. 30.

The hospital will be ineligible for government reimbursement if it continues operating. While some hospitals have been granted extensions under Berger, none have been given a total reprieve.


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  1. Pay attention to this.

    This is the beginning of HealthCare rationing in america. Cost are out of sight for a failed Healthcare system that can’t cure most illnesses, but is onlyable to alleviate symptoms, using expensive surgical procedures and drugs.

    The AMA monopoly shuts out low cause alternative/complementary healing methods that could help people actually cure many of these degenerative diseases, at a much lower cost.

    The AMA is nothing more than a labor union that shuts out the competition.

  2. Dear Poshuter:

    Let’s make this very Poshut.

    It is well established that Chiropractic doctors are much more skilled in helping people with spinal cord misalignment problems than M.D.’s, who learn virtually nothing about the art of realignment of spine in Medical School.

    The AMA’s top executive, Morris Fishbein, fought hard to outlaw Chiropractic for many long years, until a Federal judge, in a landmark case, convicted the AMA of racketeering and restraint of trade.

    Many M.D.’s, who would like to use some of the alternative/complementary therapies are forced to do so in secret, for ear of being ousted from the medical profession for daring to step outside of the AMA plantation.

    It is a disgrace that many of the drugs and herbs that are being successfully used in Europe are outlawed here, because of the collusion between the M.D.’s and the big drug companies.

  3. Dear Pashuteh Yid:

    Deep Thinker is 100% correct the A.M.A. does not want any alternative to medicine other than what they sanction. Naturapathic Doctors are quite skilled in healing people. Chiropractic and osteopathic doctors are clued in paying attention to the spinal chord as the circuitboard to the major organs in the body. Do yoy know why the A.M.A. is so powerful, because they have a symbiotic relationship with the major drug companies. Naturapaths are concerned with prevention which imha phycians generally are not.

  4. Maybe not being from that neighborhood the following might be vary biased… My only experience with this hospital is it’s ER… about 4 weeks ago while in Queens I was convinced that a swollen tonque I had needed to be looked at so I went to the Parkway ER and the conditions where beyond chaos… They only had one IV stand in the whole place… it took 2 hrs to even be put in triage (even though I came in by ambalence)… they had none of the clamps needed to prevent blood from backwashing into the IV tubing so in the end they had to tape the tubing to my the back of my hand (the actual IV was placed in one of the veins on the back of my hand) and the shringe just hung down from my wrist with nothing supporting it or preventing it from being knocked around… for the 9 hrs I was in the ER there was not a bed avaible so I was put in a desk chair next to the nursing station even after they gave me some Benedryl which knocked me out… there was only one MD on duty and the rest of the treatment was overseen by a PA (which is theory I have no issue with but she was still a student) the PA wanted to admit me but the MD said there was no need… they where unable to get a accurate list of medications I was on from my family Dr. because the FAX machine was broken… I asked the charge nurse if this was just a bad day and she said it was average?!?!??!?!…. some people where even worse off then me for example one lady who was there with her husband had to sit on the floor for 15 hrs

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