VIDEO – Angry Williamsburg Residents To Protest DOT


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dot.jpg[UPDATE & VIDEO LINK IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] Williamsburg residents woke up on Shabbos morning in shock and disbelieve that the Department of Transportation (DOT) had changed the signs on Kent Avenue from Broadway-Williamsburg West from “Alternate Side” to “No Standing any Time” without any notice to the area residents!

“Not only did DOT change these signs without any notification to the area residents in advance, but they had the Chutzpah to change them on a weekend (Friday Night) when the Jewish residents could not move their cars. All the residents had parked their cars LEGALLY on Friday, not planning to move their vehicles for the weekend,” said Isaac Abraham, a Williamsburg Community Leader, and Candidate for NYC Council 33rd District.

“Even more insulting was that early Shabbos Morning, traffic enforcement agents already gave summonses to more then 25 cars parked on Kent Ave.” Mr. Abraham continued.

“Once again the public is being reminded that the DOT stands for Department Of Troubles”.

A demonstration is called by all Kent Avenue residents in front off Schaefer Landing; 440 Kent Avenue – Sunday (today) at 2:30 PM.

UPDATE 3:45PM EST: Elected officials, including NYS Senator Eric Adams, NYC Councilwoman Latisha James, numerous media outlets, along with a large crowd gathered on the streets in protest of the DOT’s actions.

UPDATE 6:00PM EST: The following is a direct statement issued by the DOT late Sunday afternoon: “DOT gave advance notification to community leaders and local elected officials that signage would change. Summonses given out during the period in question will be dismissed.”

VIDEO LINK:  Click HERE for video.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)


  1. the DOT is run by a bunch of brainless idiots whos’e only goal is to line their pockets and the pockets of the city politicians. For example go through some of the city streets and look at how they made some exclusive right turn lanes, and when you look again you see that the right lane is taken away by parked cars. so basically there is no way that a motorist can make a legal right turn. Cute isn’t it? The politicians are happy with this DOT because it brings them in more income from the hapless motorists who are at a loss as to what can be done to clean up this can of worms.

  2. NeveAliza:
    In E”Y it’s the only language the govt. understands. Talking has never worked and never will. I was personally against the rioting until I saw the results that talking like normal human beings could not achieve.

  3. This is due to the construction crews doing things when they feel like it.The same thing happened in my neighborhood a few years ago in various blocks over night and I sent in the ticket with the time frame of when I parked,what the legal time on the sign was when I parked and that the ticket was written out before the original deadline.Ticket dismissed. Nuisance,definitely. No big protest was needed,just common sense (on the part of the ticketed car owners).