VIDEO & PHOTOS: A Unique Chol Hamoed Outing Part II


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55.jpg(VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS AT END OF ARTICLE) It was Chol HaMoed Sukkos, the buses in Flatbush, Lakewood, and Monsey were packed, and the children were looking forward to an action-packed day.

This was the Misaskim organization’s second time arranging a trip like this, and it sure turned out to be spectacular day! Lots of Siyata Dishmaya, weeks of intense planning and coordination by Misaskim ensured that nothing was not thought of.

The buses met at Brooklyn’s Floyd Benet Field – home to the NYPD’s Special Operations Division, and awaited security clearance to enter the restricted area. As soon as the buses unloaded, – each child was given their own camera to take their own photos – and the day began.
Lieutenant’s Jimmy Woods, and Scott Belford of the NYPD’s PBBS were on hand with megaphones directing everyone where to go, and explaining what was going to take place.
The crowd, numbering in the hundreds gathered behind a fenced-in area, and watched as the NYPD demonstrated how police K-9 dogs are trained and how they are used in tackling a gun-toting suspect. A total of 6 trained dogs were used, and the crowd was mesmerized at the high level of training that the dogs receive at their own NYPD academy.
Being that Floyd Benet Field has part of the Atlantic Ocean bordering it, the next event was feasible to be performed. It involved the NYPD’s Aviation, Air & Sea Rescue, and Harbor Units. A police officer was lowered into the water off of an NYPD boat, and pretended to be stranded in the ocean.
An NYPD Chopper quickly arrived on the scene, in mid-air, the doors of the chopper opened, and two officers fully decked-out in Scuba-diving gear jumped from the hovering helicopter into the waters to “rescue” the drowning victim.
A basket was lowered from the helicopter, and the drowning victim was assisted into the basket, hoisted up into the aircraft, and whisked away to dry land. The large crowd was then able to meet the heroic officers, and see the 200-pounds of gear that they need to wear while swimming on a rescue mission.
Following the water rescue, was the NYPD’s Bomb-Squad – who demonstrated their high-tech robot used in examining a highly suspicious package. A volunteer (child) was picked from the crowd, and with the assistance from NYPD Bomb-Squad Tech was allowed to maneuver the robot and lift up a “suspicious package”.
There were dozens of NYPD vehicles rarely seen by NYC residents on display for everyone to view and get a hands-on feel of what they are used for.
Dozens of SOD officers were on hand to explain what each tool is used for.
Also displayed was the NYPD “Mounted Units”, with multiple horses performing for the crowd.
When the NYPD show ended, everyone returned to the buses – but the day was far from over.
The buses proceeded to Ateres Chinka Chasuna Hall (The Cheder) on Elmwood Avenue – where a massive 4,200-square-foot Sukkah was waiting with a delicious, hot, gourmet Yom Tov Seuda catered  by Flatbush Takeout was waiting. The gathered crowd felt as if they were at a fancy Chasunah, with the tables and chairs looking their finest.
After everyone bentched, the crowd made their way into the wedding hall, where a six-piece band by the Neginah Orchestra was playing – accompanied by six singers from the Shira Choir.
Avrohom Fried opened up the Simchas Bais HaShoeva –singing and dancing with the children, while many Rabbonim arrived and danced and gave Brachos to each child and adult.
Rav Yecheskel Roth, the Spinka Rebbe, Rav Mendle Teitlebaum, Rav Shea Rubin, Rav Yaakov Horowitz, Rav Osher Kalmanowitz, Rav Leible Wulliger, were just some of the Rabbonim attending.
The next performer was none other then the King of Jewish music, Mordechai Ben David – who also sang and danced with everyone.

At least 8 clowns were on hand to keep the children on their toes, and two professional jugglers – Sam Jaccobs & Moshe Shertzer – preformed with fire and other mesmerizing devices. The famous “Dancing Dummies” did a spectacular performance as well.
After singing and dancing for more than three hours, the Simcha seen on the faces of the children was indescribable. It certainly was a day that they will remember forever.
Misaskim would like to publicly thank the NYPD for going above and beyond the call of duty on behalf of this great Mitzvah (deed). First and foremost, the Honorable NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly – who authorized the event requires utmost thanks. The man who helped coordinate the event at Floyd Bennet Field was Assistant Chief Charles Kammerdener. Misaskim told YWN that he worked on the schedule of the day – as if it were an actual emergency incident that he were to deal with.
An extra token of appreciation must be given to Brooklyn South Chief Fox Joseph Fox, (along with his dedicated staff) – who extended all resources at his disposal to ensure that everything ran smoothly.
Speaking with YWN, Misaskim says that all the preparation in the world for this event could have not been done without extra Siyata Dishmaya.

VIDEO & PHOTO LINK: Click HERE to watch an exclusive YWN video, and click HERE for photos. [To read about Chol Hamoed Part I, click HERE]

(Yehuda Drugestein – YWN Exclusive)