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Yemeni Jews Attacked Over IDF Operations in Gaza

yemen11.jpgThe children of Yemeni Jews in Raida district of Amran province were assaulted on Sunday by Yemeni Muslim students due to the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Some Jewish children were injured, one seriously, when Muslim students threw stones at them in “solidarity with the Palestinian kids in Gaza”.

Zaher Kafra, Jewish, was seriously wounded and immediately taken to the Raida Hospital for treatment. (His age is unknown at this time)

This incident took place one day after the authorities announced that preparations for relocating the Jewish Community in Amran to live in the capital Sana’a following of threats members of the community have recently received.

R’ Moshe Yaish HY”D was killed early last month by a former Yemeni pilot, who is now on trial.

(Source: News Yemen)

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  1. The Israeli Foreign Ministry a few months ago actually pleaded with the Taimanim to leave Yemen. They were willing to have them resettled in israel. This was reported in the Yated Ne’eman. I hope they are able to airlift them now.

  2. the yeminite community is non decisive on what to do and what not to do. LEAVE and trust that hashem will watch over you.

  3. It’s difficult to leave your home. Their world is somewhat of an alien culture

    I tend to think that Israel has too much on her hands at this point in time, to do a rescue mission.

    Please don’t compare these barbaric “children” to animals, animals do not kill, injure or maim for fun.

  4. to bklynmom #4

    they are not indecisive, they are, unfortunately listining to their satmar “handlers” who are telling them to stay (a la rav elchonon wasserman, to whom yeshiva torah vadaas pleaded with before the war to stay in america, and they’ll arrange visas for his talmidim, but he, unfortunatelty, declined.)

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