Hikind Slams Vatican For Comparing Gaza to Concentration Camps


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holocaust.jpgNYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) today condemned Cardinal Renato Martino, the Vatican’s justice and peace minister, for his inflammatory and outrageous remarks likening Gaza to a “big concentration camp.” In an interview with II Sussidiario.net, the Cardinal was quoted as saying, “Defenseless populations are always the ones who pay. Look at the conditions in Gaza: more and more, it resembles a big concentration camp.”

Hikind, a child of Holocaust survivors, was outraged by Cardinal Martino’s statement, and is calling upon Pope Benedict to take responsibility for his aide’s comments by issuing an immediate apology to Israel.

“I cannot recall a single instance in the last four years where Martino voiced any concern about the daily barrage of rocket and missile attacks against Israelis, or the suffering they have endured at the hands of these terrorists,” Hikind said. “The comparison of Gaza to a concentration camp is not only disingenuous, but extremely offensive to the memories of the millions who were slaughtered, and to the survivors who remain. His comments do nothing but hearten Hamas terrorists and their counterparts worldwide.”

Cardinal Martino has thus far resisted calls for an apology, while the Pope has only reiterated his desire to see an end to the use of violence by both Hamas and Israel in Gaza. “Martino must be a disciple of the World War II Pope, Pius XII,” Hikind said. “There’s no other way to make sense of his hateful remarks.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Cardinal Martino the crusaids, was a big concentration camp! and that was your people, your true colors are shining brite. after a thousand years you still hold onto that old christian hate hope you get swallowed up with the rest of them

  2. Maybe this is where Eisav and Yishmael come together to fight against K’neses Yisroel before the final Geula.
    As we are soon approaching the months of Adar & Nissan when we were Zoche to Nissim G’luyim with the utter destruction of Amalek and Mitzrayim, so too may H-shem utterly wipe out all our enemies in E”Y, Europe, USA, Canada, Austrailia and wherever else they may be lurking and bring about the final Geula with speed. Amen Kain Yehi Ratzon!!!!

  3. The Cardinal and Pope are condemning Israel because of their fear for their own lives. They wouldn’t dare start up with the Human Beast Arabs and therefore have no problem making phony statements for their own benefit. Countries, like France, England, Rice and other Leftists around the globe fear these Human Beast Arabs as well, and keep making belief that they are pro Arab.

  4. The eloquence of Hikind shines forth once again. How dare this Cardinal open his mouth to say such garbage. The Hamas militants who hide amongst their people are the true cowards and are to blame for their people’s suffering and if their people don’t understand this, they deserve to suffer.

  5. Its difficult to expect them to think any differently. They are being true to their religious beliefs.

    The New Testament is dripping with hate against the Jews, and religious Jews are labelled in the most repulsive manner. These texts fuelled the hatred which killed tens of thousands – probably millions – of Jews in virtually every European city for the last two millenia. The holocaust could only have taken place in a christian country, and was not coincidentally the country where Luther’s teachings were most respected.

    The day will yet come when their entire institution with all its grandeur will be crushed and decimated (Dan 7:26) and whoever survives will be clinging to our garments pleading to join us (Zec 8:23).

  6. it’s not a chidush that the christians hate us too- the whole world hates us and we must never forget that no matter how well they seem to treat us. Esav sonai es Yaakov

  7. Even is the Vatican’s offensive and despicable statement were true, why not provide the context that the Arabs’ Egyptian brothers seal off their border to Gaza and it is the wealthy Arabs who refuse to help out their “Palestinian” brothers and instead cynically keep them as “refugees” 60 years later while Israel and the West provide them with massive amounts of aid, food and money.

    I don’t recall reading about a dedicated UN agency (having received many millions of UN/US dollars) like UNRWA operating in the Nazi concentration camps, either.

    That Gaza is the hole it may be, is a question on the Arab world, not Israel, that after all this time, they haven’t made it into a Hong Kong, especially after Israel expelled every last Jew from their houses there a few years ago so the Arabs have the whole place to themselves.

    Of course, Eisav sonei liYaakov, so this is par for the course.

  8. It’s hard to compliment Dov! But on this one Kudoz! Kol Hakavod!
    Shame on the vatican (lower case!) And remember, a fish stinks from the head downward! VeDa”L

  9. a yid who has to mask his compliment with an insult first?

    I smell a rat, not just a fish.

    Thank you Dov Hikind for EVERYTHING that you do for Klal yisroel. I apologize on behalf of my brothers who can’t find the right words to say. Perhaps they were sleeping during creative writing class?

  10. I beg to differ, but Gaza can indeed be compared to a concentration camp. The question is only who has concentrated them there. The UN which has a seperate organization, UNWRA, and a different policy for Palestinian refugees than for ALL THE OTHER REFUGEES IN THE WORLD who are under the UNHCR! The Arab states that have hundreds of millions to spend on terrorist training, supplies, and missions, but keep their brethren hostile to Israel by maintaining their poverty level and blaming it on the Israelis. The Palestinian leadership that refuses to reign in terrorism which is the cause of the closure that negatively affect the Palestinian economy. The Palestinian leadership also refuses to allow construction of newer housing and keeps it’s own population in suhuman conditions to maintain their anti-Israel animosity.