Bloomberg Foes Want Feds to Block Term-Limits Law Change


bloomy.jpgElected officials who oppose the way Mayor Michael Bloomberg extended term-limits law so he could run for a third term are hoping the federal government will block the change.

Under the Voting Rights Act, the Justice Department must approve changes to voting rules in New York City. The approval is needed to prevent voting changes from discriminating voters.

Bloomberg critics, including Democratic mayoral candidate William Thompson Jr., say the change discriminates against minorities. They say term-limits led to greater turnover in city elected positions, giving nonwhite candidates more opportunities.

Tuesday is the deadline for the Justice Department to rule.

(Source: 1010WINS)


  1. It is Thompson who wants to discrimate against a minority. According to him only nonwhites are minorities. That is racist. Bloomberg who is Jewish is part of a minority. He is also part of a minority because he is a billionare, there aren’t too many of those around. Bloomberg is also a minority because he is of Asian origin.

    Bloomberg should not be permitted to run because the people voted for term limits and through some legal meanvering he is getting around it.

  2. I think they meant to say how dare we not cater every nick and cranny to “minorties” who are actually the majority, this is country is pathetic.