Egged Fined – The Public has Had Enough


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eged2.jpgIf a survey were to be conducted it would most likely not judge Egged too favorably. The nation’s main provider of bus service continues to disappoint according to most travelers, who are pleased as the long-standing monopoly steadily loses its grip over the nation’s roadways, with many routes being given to private firms.

For the many travelers who know what is like to wait for a bus which finally arrives, but passes without stopping, the following story will bring a sigh of relief and possibly even a smile.

Justice Avraham Tannenbaum feels enough is enough, and he fined Egged NIS 20,000 for not providing service, and even ordered Egged to pay a traveler who was left at a bus stop by a driver who decided not to stop NIS 500.

According to Jerusalem resident Harel Sharabi, he waited for a bus on November 1, 2006, but the driver did not stop. He took his case to court.

Egged maintained the route in question was a long one and by the time the bus arrived in the center of town, the vehicle was filled to capacity. The court however rejected the contention, explaining Egged is compelled to provide public transport, which means passengers may get on and off a bus at every stop. If the buses are overcrowded, then Egged must add additional vehicles to the route in question.

Justice Tannenbaum added if this trend of passing bus stops without stopping is not halted, “appropriate fines” would be levied against the bus cooperative.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Business has to operate and function as a business. No room on the bus is reason #1 that more buses on that line are necessary. EGGED, we are fed UP.