New York Has $9B and It Might Be Yours


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cash2.jpgCan you use some extra cash these days? Cash that may already belong to you? New York State might owe you some serious money.

New Yorkers and others can find out Thursday if they are indeed owed money from the state’s $9 billion in unclaimed funds, State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli said.

What type of unclaimed funds? It can be money from old bank accounts never closed to state tax refund checks.

Visit You can also call (800) 221-9311.

Live in New Jersey or Connecticut?

New Jersey Residents can visit the New Jersey Residents Database:

Connecticut residents can search the Connecticut Residents Database:

(Meir Lewittes – YWN)


  1. when going to the website
    try a search without specifying a city if you feel you are owed money and your name didnt pop up(i.e. if you moved from monsey to brooklyn or vice versa your monies might be listed under your old city/address)secondly if you have an uncommon surname then just type in the last name you might be able to find not just money for yourself but also a relative. personally, i found money that was owed to me (an old bank refund)in the amount of 250 dollars it takes as much as two months to process. They do not say on the website how much money you are owed but to be listed on the website you have to have an outstaing amount of at least $50.

  2. BTW you can look up businesses as well you would be surprised how many current and closed businesses are owed money you will even find major corporations on the list