Goodbye Freedom Tower. Goodbye Freedom


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ft.jpgThe following article appeared on the NBC NY website:

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced Thursday that the 1,776-foot edifice that was to replace the World Trade Center will no longer be called the “Freedom Tower.” Instead, it will have the less ornate appellation, “1 World Trade Center.”


The timing couldn’t have been better. It follows on the heels of the Pentagon’s ending the War on Terror. You didn’t hear? You must have missed the memo. No, seriously. In a memo, following a request from the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Defense declared that foreign military and strategic ventures associated with various Muslim-world nations will no longer be called the “War on Terror.” It is now Overseas Contingency Operation.”


This, in turn follows Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s statement to a “Der Spiegel” journalist earlier this month that she prefers to call terrorism, “man-caused disasters.”


And, lets not forget that the Obama administration no longer refers to opponents in the Conflict-Formerly-Known-As-The-War-On-Terror as “enemy combatants.” Haven’t quite figured out a proper replacement on that one.


Now, this is real change — a seismic cultural shift that not too many people might have expected.

The cumulative effect is clear:The symbolic, rhetorical and strategic signifiers of America’s post 9/11 world are being airbrushed away.

“Freedom Tower?” Gone.

“War on Terror?” Gone.

“Enemy combatants?” Gone.

“Terrorism?” Gone.

Three-thousand Americans? Gone?

Oh, right.

Well, at least they got the memo early.

(Source: NBC New York)


  1. “War on Terror” never made too much sense. Terror is a feeling. If you called it “War on Terrorism” that would at least have some meaning, if a vague one.

  2. Thank goodness someone is finally putting a stop to the fear mongering and the use of terror-inspiring words. Yes, the Bush administration played on your fears by using these words to constantly remind you of “what will happen if you don’t go along with our war”. Kind of like the series of bailouts, that if you didn’t go along with them “the entire financial system would collapse”.

    It is sick that for so long the American public was coerced and manipulated by this propagandistic jargon.

    I’m glad to hear that the WTC building will have a normal name. “Freedom Fries” wasn’t very catchy, either.

    And yes, sadly the 3000 Americans ARE gone.

  3. #5
    Are you calling all people on welfare, everyone who receives food stamps, every yid who is on Section 8, a thief because they receive help from social services? If not, please clarify.

  4. sqeak,
    you are out of your sick leftist leaning mind. there is nothing wrong with calling things as they are. if it is terrorism it is called terror etc!

    the arabs dont care what you call it b/c you will CHV be dead anyway!

    I am glad to see some “news sources” are starting to get the hang of the obamanation. too bad they bowed at his alter during the entire election process.

  5. Well written article. It all goes along with “For English, please press 3”. Its the dumbing-down, the G-d-ing-down, capitalism-ing-down, of this country. Chevlai mashiach for us Yidden. During his campaign, Obama talked about a “non-military’ defense force in this country to be funded as well or better than the military. What does that mean? An “Obama’s Youth”? A national service corp that will come knocking on your door to see what kind of books are in your house? To see if you give your kids a “pahch” when they’re bad (that’s forbidden in the “new order”)? To see if you speak negatively to your family about “alternative life styles”, or about the “truth” of evolution? And what will the frum world do when your 18 year old sons AND daughters get a letter in the mail from the government that they HAVE to show up somewhere to start their 2 or 3 year service period in the “obama youth”? In the ’70s, in the vietnam war era, many were able to get divinity school (i.e. smicha study) military deferments, but you can bet such deferments wont exist in the new G-dless world just over the horizon. Are you m’tsapeh l’Mashiach? We all better be!

  6. From what I read, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey changed the name of the building they plan to build on their own private property. What does this have to do with Obama’s forgein policy?