PHOTOS: Bonei Olam Celebrates a Decade of Building Klal Yisroel: Boro Park Annual Dinner Attended by Thousands


bod.jpgPHOTO LINK BELOW: On Wednesday evening, May 6th, Klal Yisroel celebrated together with Bonei Olam at their annual Boro Park dinner. What a Kiddush Hashem it was!

This past year has seen close to 600 new babies born to couples around the world B’Ezras Hashem, thanks to the efforts of Bonei Olam and its many supporters.

Bonei Olam, which started a decade ago, is now a proud partner in the births of over 1,500 children Kein Yirbu. Though this is an amazing accomplishment which took millions of dollars and countless hours of work by many dedicated volunteers, Bonei Olam will not rest as long as there are Yidden out there who have yet to realize their dream of parenthood.

Be it advanced infertility, pre/post cancer, genetics issues, adoption or a variety of other obstacles, Bonei Olam continues to be there to offer financial assistance to each couple that needs it, to overcome their particular barrier, and go onto build a Mishpacha in Klal Yisroel.

Despite the rough economic times that our economy is going through, the dinner was an enormous Kiddush Hashem.

To see the thousands of men who flocked to the Ateres Chaya hall to pay their tribute to the organization and to the many esteemed honorees, and to see so many Yidden donate to this important cause, even when their own financial situation is tough, was a remarkable display of K’Vod Shomayim.

A most touching visual presentation was shown at the very beginning of the event, which depicted the pain of being childless. There was hardly a dry eye in the room as the video was playing.

The “Mezamrim” choir enthralled the crowd with their moving and inspiring singing, which was enjoyed by everyone.

Meanwhile, throughout the entire evening, the dais continued to be graced by Rabbanim, Admorim and Roshei Yeshiva who all flocked to this dinner to show their strong support for the unique work of Bonei Olam. To see all these Gedolei Torah in one room for one purpose was a great display of Achdus and a Kidush Sheim Shomayim in its own right.

For the first time ever, the father of R’ Shloime Bochner, Rabbi Shulem Bochner – The Man Behind The Man – addressed the crowd. He spoke from a parents perspective watching his child go through his personal pain and taking his own struggle and doing something positive with it: building Bonei Olam.

The venerable Mashgiach Havar Aron Tausig Shlita of Yeshivas Alaxander (Eretz Yisroel) delivered impassioned words which left a lasting impression on all. It was with great Mesiras nefesh that he made the long trip to address the crowd. From the moment he began, the crowd was motionless. All hung on to his very word. His face lit up as he spoke, and you were able to see his true love for every yid. With his warm words he made all assembled believe that even for those who all gave up ,with Hashem’s help there’s still a chance.

There were various other speakers and awards presented to community Askonim, esteemed doctors and to the Nezer Habonim, capped by what is always the highlight of any Bonei Olam dinner: Rabbi Shlomo Bochner’s speech.

Naturally, R’ Bochner’s words pierced the hearts of all in attendance, as Devarim HaYotzim Min Halev Nichnasim El Halev. Nobody can describe Bonei Olam as R’ Bochner can, and indeed after hearing his powerful words, it was evident that the assembled got the message: Supporting Bonei Olam is of paramount importance, as it is literally building families; your families.

It was truly an inspiring evening to remember, and most importantly, it gives the opportunity for Bonei Olam to continue their holy work and continue helping more and more of our brothers and sisters around the world in their quest to be a part of Klal Yisroel’s eternal chain.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos.

(L. Halevi for YWN)