PHOTOS: Chaveirim Of Boro Park & Williamsburg Inspect Hundreds Of Vehicles


c1.jpg[PHOTO LINKS BELOW] For many yiddishe families in the area, summer means the soothing majesty of upstate New York’s natural surroundings.

Of course, though, you have to get there first, and there are many minute details that can threaten a successful journey from the city pavement to the Catskill mountains.
That’s the pre‐summer‐exodus warning coming from the Chaveirim organization, which is thoroughly familiar with the mechanical mishaps that can beset families who are trying to escape stress rather than become engulfed in it. The organization – known as a Jewish AAA of sorts – provides roadside assistance to community members.

With masses of New York City residents preparing to make the yearly migration from homes to bungalows, three branches of Chaveirim – in Boro Park, Williamsburg and Monroe – are conducting a public “Car Safety Event” this week.

Boro Park & Williamsburg held their event this past Sunday.

Chaveirim of Monroe will be holding their event this coming Wednesday, while Chaveirim of Lakewood plans to hold the event in several weeks when the z’man there ends.

Open to all and free of charge, the drop‐in event offered a quick vehicle inspection that covers many basic mechanical aspects that could lead to the nightmare of a highway breakdown when it’s least wanted. While not an official Department of Motor Vehicles inspection, the 10‐minute “in‐and‐out” service is valuable, organizers say, because it can rectify simple yet menacing problems and even detect a serious mechanical problem in the making.

Chaveirim volunteers and professional mechanics inspected each car’s exterior, engine and tires. More than 30 items were checked on each vehicle and brief safety tips were given to each driver. If a serious issue is discovered, the mechanics advised the driver what to do.

Chaveirim organizers said many people do not realize the importance of proper air pressure in tires, and adequate oil and other fluids. Many people do not know what fluids a car needs – brake fluid can be dangerously low in some cases – or how to change a flat tire. Furthermore, many new minivan drivers do not know where to find the spare tire.

Organizers tell YWN that they inspected hundreds of vehicles between Boro Park & Williamsburg, even though the event took place after just a few days notice.

Chaveirim thanks Yitzy’s Towing, Ropo Tires, and the NYPD for their assistance. To reach Chaveirim’s 24‐hour hotline in the Catskills this summer, please call 718‐431‐8181.

NEXT WEDNESDAY June 17, 2009
Monroe: Parking lot of Beis Rochel Paradise, 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

YWN PHOTO LINKS: Click HERE for the Boro Park event, and click HERE for the Williamsburg event. [All photos taken for YWN by Hillel Engel]

(Eli Gefen – YWN)


  1. Chaverim has become a household word like Hatzolah and Shomrim, vechut Hameshulosh loi bimheiro yinoteik. The volunteers of Hatzolah are for health and life saving emergencies. Shomrim volunteers are for safety and domestic violence emergencies. And Chaveirim volunteers are for car breakdown or car entry emergencies in addition to helping those locked out of their house. Every emergency one can think of, thousands of Aceinu Benei Yisroel are willing to drop everything and run to help a fellow Jew in distress. Mi Ke’amcho Yisroel indeed.

    This is besides Misaskim, Bikur Choilim, Tomchei Shabbos, Mo’ois Chitim, Gemach’s, Pidyun Shviyim, Chesed Shel Emes etc. etc. etc. and uncountable Maaton Beseser that goes on. Can’t thank enough Hashem for being a lucky member of the tribe.

  2. and in israel there is ‘yedidim’ an organization folowing in the footsteps of chaverim.

    chaverim guys should be trained to inspect airplanes too- soon all klal yisroel will be headed not to the mountains but to yerushalayim in binyan beis hamikdosh bimiheira byomeinu.