Petira of Long-Time Hatzolah Member; R’ Yossi Leibowitz Z”L


candle91.gifYWN regrets to inform you of the sudden Petira of R’ Yossi Leibowitz Z”L, 42-years-old, a short while ago in the Catskill Mountains.

Yossi was a long-time member of Monsey and Catskills Hatzolah (Unit 68). He took his last Hatzolah call yesterday (Sunday) afternoon at 6:00PM. Two of his brothers are long-time Hatzolah members as well. One is Bentzi [Boro Park Coordinator B-84), and the other is Aaron [Monsey Hatzolah Member Unit 70].

He collapsed early Monday morning in Viznitz Camp in Liberty, NY. Hatzolah Paramedics attempted to save his life, but he was R”L pronounced dead at CRMC a short while later.

He leaves behind an Almanah and approximately 10 children R”L.

The Levaya will take place at his home in Monsey, 26 Francis Place at 1:15PM,  and 1:45PM at the Visnitz Bais Hamedrash.

Boruch Dayan Emmes…


  1. What a shock! Yossi was a real Tzadik. I went on calls with him, and he was really proffesional & devoted to patients. Yehei Zichro Burech!

  2. This is the second young man I’ve heard about in the last few weks who died suddenly.

    We need to do some serious introspection.

  3. He was a real Tzaddik. He was always smiling,and he did tons of Chesed. This is a HUGE loss for the entire Monsey community. Hashem should give his family Koach to deal with this enormous tragedy!

  4. I can’t get over it. The monsey community just lost a man who loved doing favors for people. My tears can’t stop flowing.

    May Hashem comfort and give Koach to his almanah Rivky to his parents and grandparent, sisters brothers, and of course his children and grandchildren.

  5. This is a VERY big loss for the Monsey / Catskills community whom he went out of the way to help….
    – For his entire family that he was so close to – so caring and helpful….
    – For all his Friends – however much I will write won’t be enough!

    Yossi as a very active Hatzoloh member, was always busy schlepping people to the Dr, to the Hospital etc. encouraging, explaining, caring…

    That BIG smile of his just warmed and calmed you…
    Boruch Dayan HoEmmes

  6. im in shock i have known this guy all my life he was just manachem me 2 months ago for my brothers ari he was his age B D Huames

  7. WOW WOW WOW!!!!Boruch Dayan HoEmmes
    How unbelievable
    Yossi was a great sensitive guy always out there helping people out,
    Always with a great smile, no matter to whom always with a great word to every one
    Yossi has been a great icon in Monsey and will be greatly missed
    Hashem should give his family Koach to deal with this enormous tragedy!

  8. The greatest lesson we should learn from all these latest stories, is that life is short, and if you want to accomplish something meaningful, you should really take it seriously, and feel a strong sense of urgency.

  9. As a close friend of Yossi (full name for those who want to learn Mishnayos – יוסף אביגדור ב”ר יחיאל) I cannot stop crying since I heard the heart-breaking Bsurah that the Beloved Yossi Lebovits passed away, someone who always had a smile on his face, always made sure that everybody surrounding him has a smile on there face – this is a true lose…
    תהא נשמתו צרורה בצרור החיים

  10. yes, his father is a contrator, yossi was a special person, his whole life was chesed, he was a devoted person to all people around him. his loss is great.woe to us who have to bear all these terrible tragedies.

    let’s do something about it, let’s spread good cheer, let us start greeting EVERY SINGLE YID WITH A SMILE, GUT SHABBOS, GOOD MORNING ETC even in Boro Park, Monsey, Williamsburg and large communities, even if that person doesn’t daven in the same shul as us, even if we doen’t know who he is. i believe that this is a fitting tribute to yossi because he greeted everyone and spread good cheer with his personality.

  11. oh my freind yossi!
    how we will miss u
    there r no words that can discribe yossi.
    the way u took care of u parents in yam h’melech.
    u smiling n mayking happy evry 1 in ur daled amos, the simcha i spent with u at ur sons wedding,
    oy gevalt!
    yosssi yossi yossi.
    i have no words, all i can do is cry.
    i just hope my son who u were so nice to in arad dosnt find this hard to bare.
    i just hope yossi’s famly will b mechazek n fill the gap, n im sure yossi will beg G’ to redeem klal yisroel