From The Father Of HaBochur Yeshayohu Dov Eckstein Z”L


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candle915.gifWe have no words to describe the outpouring of special nechama we received from so many people.

Thank you for the calls, the letters and the personal visits and beautiful stories you shared. At the kever yesterday, I said You are not just my child – the Jewish nation shared in our pain! – you are not anymore my Yeshayohu Dov – you became our Yeshayohu Dov! Last night after the shiva – our oldest son Gedalyohu – had a firstborn – a baby boy! Mazel Tov! Let us share simchos! It’s harder to share in other peoples simchos!

The last Friday of our sons life he heard that the camp maintenance person, Rabbi K., had a bar mitzvah of a grandchild in Eretz Yisroel. Yeshayohu Dov was extremely sensitive. He volunteered to make a bar mitzvah to share the simcha of an einikle. The man gave him his credit card to buy the food and paraphernalia. The bochur took the credit card. He went shopping and used his OWN credit card to pay for everything. On shabbos morning, he set up and made the beautiful bar mitzvah. He knocked on the doors of the rabbeim and staff leaders to come and share in the simcha of others!

He was nifter last Sunday, the day after Shabbos we read the prophecy of destruction – Chazon Yeshayohu! this coming shabbos we read about the comfort from HASHEM – Shabbos NACHMU. We are thankful to HASHEM that He prepared the comfort many months ago and we are able to share our simcha with others!

We would like to start some tzedoka in memory of Yeshaya Dov. If you have any suggestions (i.e. a project in sharing the simcha of others), pleas email them to [email protected]. To share in this, monetarily checks can be made to: Congregation Supporters of Torah and mailed to 580 East 8th St. Brooklyn, NY 11218, USA.



  1. Hamokom yenachem eschem b’soch sh’ear aveilei tzion v’yerushalayim. May we be reunited with all the niftarim through Techias Hameisim with the coming of Mashiach very soon in our days.

  2. Also Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov. May you see much nachas from this grandchild and from all of your children and grandchildren always. One simcha should lead to many more simchas – may Hashem help to fill the void in your hearts.

  3. Wow amaizing! A speacial Neshama! You had the Zechus to bring down to this world to complete his Tafkid in such short time. Im sure he is busy shaking Shomayim to end Tzoros for all Klal Yisroel, and send Mashiach Bimhaira.

  4. Yitzi, I have not forgotten how you yourself were involved in a serious accident together with our mashgiach Rav Moshe Schwab zt”l and how you escaped serious injury benisei nissim! Hashem’s ways are unfathomable.
    You should find a nechama in the rest of your wonderful family bli ayin hora and know only simchos in the future. Your old chaver Ravi

  5. I am usually menachem avel to ‘give’ to the aveilim: Nechama, chizuk etc. On rare occasions, I leave the bais avel with a feeling of having ‘taken’. My visit to the shiva of the family of Yeshayahu Dovid a’h has been a very special instance of that. The amazing stories of his caring for others, his total selflessness, and his dedication to avodas Hash-m, coupled with seeing the Emunah and Kabalas and Tziduk Hadin and strength exhibited by the family, has left an indelible impression on me, as I am sure it has on others. I planned on being there a few minutes, but stayed almost an hour, mesmerized by the stories of the chasadim, accomplishments, and kibud horim u’morim of this wonderful boy. This bochur will live on in the lives of so many who were, and continue to be, influenced by him. Yehi zichro boruch!

  6. I heard that he was Mamash a tzaddik, always helping out.
    I also saw hespedeim in the yated from many organizations, that he obviously helped out.
    I still am in awe from finding out why & where he was coming from when he got into the accident.
    May the family have a true nechama.
    May we be reunited with him in the near future.
    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Sheore Avayla Tziyon V’Yerushlayim!!