VIDEO & PHOTOS: Pedestrain Struck On Fraser Road


11.jpg[PHOTOS & VIDEO LINK BELOW ARTICLE] The following article should serve as a warning to the hundreds of people who walk on Fraser Road in Monticello:

At approximately 7:30PM on Sunday evening, Catskills Hatzolah was dispatched to reports of an elderly person struck by a vehicle on Fraser Road near Continental Bungalow Colony.

Arriving units found an elderly female unconscious lying in a ditch on the side of the road. Paramedics were expedited to the scene and a medevac was placed on standby.

As paramedics arrived on the scene, the patient Boruch Hashem began responding verbally – but not coherently.

She was transported to a local hospital via a Catskills Hatzolah ambulance.

It does not appear that she was actually struck by a vehicle, but it is very possible that a car passed her closely, and scared her causing her to fall backwards into a deep ditch, knocking her unconscious.

This story should be a warning to the hundreds of women who walk on this particular road THREE ACROSS! Many people walking feel that every car will see them, and will automatically yield to them. Unfortunately, the road is very narrow, with no shoulders, and drivers seem to be driving through a maze – while yielding to the groups of people walking on the road.

Any driver familiar with Fraser Road will tell you that it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when” someone will Chas Veshalom be killed on this road – either a pedestrian, or a vehicle hitting another vehicle in a head-on-collision.

PLEASE – yield to the vehicles! STOP walking for a second, and get off the road to allow vehicles to pass! And lastly, don’t walk at dusk when drivers are unable to see pedestrian’s walking.

This story could have had a very sad ending. Let’s make sure that nothing will ever take place again.

YWN PHOTO & VIDEO LINKS: Click HERE for photos, and click HERE for a video.

(Eli Gefen – YWN Sullivan County News Team – 2009)


  1. Furthermore, these are the same drivers who sit in the left lane on the Thruway and the 17 at 50 miles pe hour, instead of staying in the right lane where they belong. “KEEP RIGHT, PASS LEFT”. You cause frustration and accidents because you are holding up traffic and other drivers will pass on the right by weaving in and out of traffic, which is very dangerous. Learn and practice basic common sense driving habits.

  2. Not an accurate assessment based on the fact that this story happened at 7:30 PM when there is blinding sunlight from over the hill. At other times visibility is fine and people have a right to walk on the road as well as drivers, and everyone should be equally courteous, and cautious. drivers and pedestrians. Drivers tend to speed, and to take up the whole road, pedestrians should walk against traffic and stay close to the side of the road and move over when a car comes. But many people walk with carriages and drivers should respect their rights.

  3. Let me add my two cents here:


    Keep in mind it is VERY hard for the drivers to see you so you need to get out of the way!!!

  4. People have rights,but these rights come with responsibilities. Pedestrians have the right of way,but have the responsibility to behave responsibly.Reckless walking is just as bad as reckless driving.In the city that applies to people crossing at the red light or in the middle of the block.

  5. Why can’t we stick to reporting the news, and leave personal opinions out of it. Not a question of if but when? So now we’ve become a navi too? Such lnaguage is inappropriate for a frum writer.

  6. I have seen people walking the roads of Sullivan at night, with difficulty. No one wears reflecting belts and harness as required by law in Monsey. It is more difficult to see one dressed in black, a color chasidim and women love to wear. Hatzaloh, the organition which came out the the fascist rules for camps, should try to get reflective belt/harnese available to the general public at cost. Either on the internet or have every bungalow colony concession sell them. Also, camp canteens should sell them. It is a ness that no fatalities have taken place yet.

  7. #6. You certainly are quick to jump to conclusions. I hope you are never in a position to make a decision that is meaningful to others.
    I drive up and down fraser rd very often, that is why i know that at 730 visibility is awful. I have also walked on it many times, so I know that many drivers are reckless, careless or mean. Many understand that there is room for everyone in this world if we just aren’t selfish.
    Can we all stop telling everyone else what to do?

  8. #2
    I don’t know how often you drive thru Fraser Rd but I drive there frequently even if u keep to posted speed limit it’s impossible to avoid an accident from happening these ladies are walking there minimum in three some, some times even in larger groups & they don’t even look out for the cars coming. Most of the times I sit with my hand on horn to avoid accidents. Remember V’nishmartem meod lenafshoseich