Terror Warning Pertaining to Chabad Houses in India


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chabad1.jpgIsrael’s counter-terror agency has issued a terror alert pertaining to Chabad houses in India based on credible and concrete intelligence information.

Just a month before the first yahrzeit of the Mumbai Chabad House victims the latest terror alert was announced, an alert that includes the Chabad houses, shuls, and “places where Jews congregate” in India.

Israeli travelers to India are urged to remain vigilant and to be extra cautious, and to familiarize themselves with instructions from counter-terrorism officials and to adhere to instructions.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. theres more than just spirituality in india people go for business. dont you remember the victims? if i recall non of them were there for spirituality

  2. Could Israel designate the Chabad houses as diplomatic property and as such be allowed to provide armed soldiers to protect as the United States does around the world with Marines? If the Indian government wants business dealings with Jews then it better make sure that our people are protected and protected well.

  3. Is this the result of the other stories in YW? I mean the ones about the violence in Toldos Aharon comunity and the restarted demonstrations in Yerushalayim. If we Jews don’t pull together, Hashem pushes us together.