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Out Of The Mailbag – Vote Menashe & Meyer! Don’t Let Cunliffe Get His Foot In The Door!

cunliffe.jpgDear YWN Editor,

I appeal to you to please post the following short letter as election day comes to a close.

A lot of controversy with regard to the gubernatorial race has left many Lakewood residents confused, and unsure what to do. If the residents of Lakewood choose not to vote, this could unfortunately have a serious negative effect on the [local] Lakewood Township election.

The candidate running as an Independent, is someone who has been on the township committee in the past. He has turned his back on the Yeshiva community and will do anything possible to harm us. His name is Charles Cunliffe. If you are unsure who this individual is, or what his track-record is – just ask around.

The only way to vote anti Cunliffe, is to vote for “Menashe Miller and Meyer Lichtenstein”!

With many conflicting messages going around and only a few hours left to vote, I strongly urge everyone to GO VOTE FOR MEIR AND MENASHE!!!

Sincerely Yours,

Aron (Shalom) K.

YWN Editors Note: On May 23rd 2008, YWN posted the following article: After 12 years on the Township Committee, Charles Cunliffe will not run for a fifth term — a decision he said was made not so much by him as by leaders of the Democratic Party.

“It wasn’t really my doing,” he said by telephone this week. “The party felt it needed to move in a different direction over the last year or two, and I’d become somewhat of a lightning rod. I don’t protect my speech because of political considerations.”

Cunliffe added: “I guess I spoke my mind one too many times.”

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.

3 Responses

  1. How this and all the puppets in government act towards us has nothing to do how we vote. Let’s remember – there is a ribono shel olam who will do as He sees fit – how we keep Torah and Mitzvos will be the deciding factor. Not elections.
    Whichever chazal you dig up – Al tisfada l’rushus, al tivtichu bindivim, lev sorim byad Hashem etc. etc. will tell you this…
    Would’nt it be nice if we were all so zealous to do mitzvos and maasim tovim as we were to vote?

  2. beautiful letter. I actually did not vote for Governor. I made sure to go put in my vote for Meir and Menashe who so deserve our votes even without the Cunliffe issue.

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