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NYPD’s Most Wanted Arrested In North Carolina

rwi.jpgA serial subway thief who has terrorized straphangers since January was nabbed in North Carolina on Sunday, authorities said.

Rasheem Williams, 37, was listed as one of the NYPD’s most wanted fugitives when he was collared yesterday along with two other wanted men in the city of Rocky Mount.

Rasheem is connected to 15 New York subway armed robberies.

Rasheem Williams, Jamal Williams and Michael Lewis were arrested, with assistance from Rocky Mount’s Criminal Investigations division and Street Engagement Team and the U.S. Marshals Service.

Rasheem Williams, 37, is listed as NYPD’s “top most wanted fugitive” on their Crime Stoppers Web site.

In each robbery, Rasheem Williams allegedly approached victims on subway trains and either displayed a knife or simulated a firearm, demanding victims’ property and bank card PIN numbers, authorities said.

The New York Post previously reported via NYPD detectives, that between Jan. 5 and Aug. 14, Rasheem Williams has threatened and robbed mostly women on New York’s subway system, with eight occurring in Manhattan.

Detectives also told the Post that Williams has a criminal record dating back 20 years and served three years for robbery in the early 1990s, along with a separate eight-year conviction.

Prior to their capture, Jamal Williams was on New York City’s list of Top 100 Wanted People, and Michael Lewis was wanted for probation violations in New York.

(Source: Rocky Mount Telegram / NY Daily News / YWN-112)

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  1. This is most wanted?

    Sounds nearly exactly to what I experienced in The Bronx some 30 years ago – a simulated gun mugging leaving my apartment building’s elevator. Cops then were rather dismissive. The mugshot looks a bit like the one who mugged me, come to think of it.

    The part about jail sentences is confusing. He served 3 years, and also had an 8 year sentence, but didn’t serve those 8 years?

  2. If he was smart he would convert to islam now,this way the state will let him off the hook to be politically correcting. Not to offend any of the peace loving muslims.

  3. yehudah y d (#2)- You’re nuts – says me, a law enforcement professional.

    You’re misplaced and ungrateful paranoia is mind boggling – as a Jew you should have more appreciation and respect for the criminal justice and correctional systems in this country.

    As a factual matter, as was reported on this site over the summer, the most recent egregious storey concerning correctional favoritism took place in the NYC system – and it was a Jewish Chaplain arranging improper favors for Yiddishe inmates.

    There’s hairsbreadth of difference between the mindset that says “the system” cow tows to and favors Muslims” – and the mindset that says “Those Jews own the system” Both are dangerously ignorant.

  4. YonasonW#3 look at the ft Hood terrorist,the senators and congressman are all jumping to the conclusion that this had nothing to do with radical islam. Just some kind of post or pre traumatic distress disorder. It is sickening!!

  5. There is a big difference between “Those Jews own the system” and “the system cow tows to and favors to Muslims”. The former is a lie. The latter is true. I have been accused of being a racist because I assumed, correctly, that the terrorist of Fort Hood was a Muslim. I was immediately accused of racism. However, I was right.

    I have the most respect for the criminal justice system and correctional system as the Constitutional Framers had originally intended. Do I have the same respect for what is considered criminal justice and proper punishment today? Absolutely not. However, I try my best to obey and follow the law and I refuse to take advantage of the system i.e. ignoring summons’ for jury duty (yes folks, I have served!), cheat on my taxes, etc. Both my husband and myself do our best to follow and obey the law.

    However, I have read more than enough of your arrogant pontificating especially when you direct them personally towards me (why I don’t know). yehudah y d is right on. Just go to the Jihad Watch website and see how Robert Spencer documents how the federal law enforcement personnel and intelligence personnel are under EXTREME pressure not to go to his law enforcement workshops. Robert Spencer has documented NUMEROUS times how the U.S. government bends over backwards to avoid being accused of being Islamophobic. Do you think there is a violation of the law if anyone is Islamophobic?

    From foot baths in airports to favoritism when contracts are given out to rent New York State Lottery machines has been for a number of years in favor of Muslims. For crying out loud, the FBI has been having meetings with CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator of Hamas and Hezbollah and only stopped recently when they realized how hypocritically foolish they are. For YOU a LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONAL to accuse anyone of paranoia of Muslims goes beyond the pale!

    You are not doing a service to your fellow Jews nor to your fellow New Yorkers if you are still falling for the propaganda of the Council of American Islamic Relations, hook, line, and sinker. Rather, you are becoming a Rodef.

    I urge you to go to the Jihad Watch website and get in touch with Robert Spencer, a truly honorable constitutional scholar. I just pray we all survive your brainwashed, propagandized brain.

    Refua Sheleima!!!!!

  6. Flatbush Bubby (#5) and yehudah y d (#4)-

    The killer at Fort Hood might well turn out to be a Muslim terrorist, though General Casey himself says a final judgement needs to await the full investigation and that wew need to be “careful not to go with fragmentary evidence” at theis stare – but that’s a far cry from saying the judicial system is biased towards Muslims. The latter is utter nonsense.

    As for being brainwashed, my dear Flatbush Bubby. I see it like this:

    One who has spent his professional career working in the real world, seeing how it is first hand, does not have the luxury of running off at the mouth with half baked preconceptions that clearly evidence a total ignorance of the subject at hand. As for which approach does more of a diservice to Yidden, which is a greater Chillul Hashem, you tell me.

    A refuah shleimah to you.

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